How do I reset my solar inverter?

reset solar inverter
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Many people who use solar power as their primary source of power for their home or business will need to reset the solar inverter at some point.

Sometimes this is because there was a power outage and there’s the need to reset the solar inverter, other times it is because there was a problem with the amount of sunlight your panels could receive and convert to energy throughout the day.

Whatever the reason, in this article we will show you how to reset a solar inverter. This article is for those of you who messaged us and said, “I don’t know how to reset my solar inverter.” So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the first step.


How do you manually reset an inverter?

Is there a reset button on an inverter?

How do I reset my inverter settings?

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Turn Off Your Solar Inverter before you reset solar inverter

Once you’ve identified that your inverter needs to be reset, the first thing to do is locate it and turn it off. Most solar power systems will have types of solar inverters installed for each set of panels on your roof. Also, You can check out solar inverter price in UAE.

Typically, these power inverters will be installed in a small box, outside of your home or business. To turn off the inverter, turn the switch to “Off” and wait a few minutes before continuing. If you have an AC disconnect (grey box with a red or black handle), be sure to turn that off as well. If you’re looking for a new inverter, Pas Solar can offer you Off Grid Solar Inverter supplier Dubai.


Turn off the AC DisconnectTurn-off-the-AC-Disconnect

A solar AC disconnect box is the way your solar panel system can be connected to the grid and is used to separate the inverter from the grid to prevent power flow. Your AC solar disconnect box should be mounted next to your utility meter and inverter and can sometimes even be a breaker in your electrical service panel.

Wherever it is, be sure to remove the handle. There may be a loud clicking sound when the handle is turned off, and this is completely normal. If you own a Sofar inverter, Pas Solar can provide you with information on how to reset a Sofar solar inverter.


Turn Off the DC Disconnect

It doesn’t matter if you use off or on grid solar inverter Dubai. The DC disconnect, also called a solar disconnect, is a small gray box that can be found between the inverter and the solar panel and its job is to interfere with the flow of DC electricity from the PV panels to the inverter.

Be sure to turn off the DC disconnect power switch before proceeding. If you’re still not sure how to do that, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at Pas Solar.


Turn off your service panel to reset solar inverter

Turns off the main breaker of the PV system (must be labeled PV or Solar). If you have a solar-ready panel, be sure to turn it off as well.


Wait a minute before you reset solar inverter

This may seem like a strange step to include, but it’s important. When you’re running solar, several different types of current can flow into your system at any time. Resetting a solar inverter or turning off the main breaker can cause currents to run through panels and dc cable for solar for several minutes. You can check out solar panel cables for sale in UAE.

If you try reconnecting to the grid while these currents are still flowing, your inverter could be damaged and stop working altogether. So be sure to give everything a minute before plugging them back in.


Turn on your service panel


After waiting a minute, now it’s time to activate your service panel. Be sure to turn the main breaker back to “On” and turn the solar system breaker back on as well.


Turn on the DC disconnect

The next step would be to turn the solar disconnect box back on (the gray box with a red or black handle).


Turn on the AC Disconnect to reset solar inverter

Again, and turn on the AC power, which is the gray utility disconnect box between your inverter and the solar meter.


Turn on the inverter for resetting solar inverter

Finally, the last step would be to turn on your inverter. Once everything is back in its correct position, it’s time for solar panel inverter reset.

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Last words on restarting solar inverter

As promised, in this article, we show you exactly how to reset solar inverter step by step. Once you learn to reset an inverter, you’d know how to reset any solar inverter. Do you have any questions about solar inverters like the Sungrow solar inverter, and how they work? Please share what you think with us by messaging us or calling our numbers.

In the end, we hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did, and stay tuned for more amazing guides from our team at Pas Solar.

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