Can solar inverters be repaired?

repairing solar inverters
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Repairing solar inverters is not something you can guess and hit. These devices are quite complex and worse; they are prone to various problems. Similarly, only some guides will help you solve your problems. Should I remind you that not everyone who claims to be an expert in fixing solar inverters is one?

We are sorry if we pave the way for fear in you! To make up for it, we have done our thorough homework on how repairing solar inverters is done. Therefore, we will give you all the details that could get your machine working again.


What to do if solar inverter is not working?

Can an inverter be repaired?

Why do solar inverters fail?

What is the lifespan of a solar inverter?

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Repaired solar inverters 

A non-functioning solar inverter means a dead solar system. Some of the problems can be easily identified by following the troubleshooting mechanisms. Let’s look at some of these problems and explain how to repair a solar inverter.


Inverter not charging

The solar inverter uses a battery. Despite the inverter’s excellent maintenance, they are prone to damage. Below are some tips for repairing solar inverters. We’d advise you to hire a professional repairman to repair solar inverter components because it can be a fairly difficult task.


Without a power supply


If the inverter’s battery is not charging, the problem could be with the power supply or the battery itself. Therefore, first, you need to check if the plug works by connecting it to another device.

Then check if the battery is properly connected. Also, in some cases, the terminals can corrode, increasing resistance. Therefore, you have to make sure that the connection is perfectly made and tight, while the terminals must be clean and free of rust.

Also, battery functionality can depreciate over time. As a result, it becomes weak and can quickly discharge. In such a situation, you will need to replace the battery. However, if you are using a liquid, for example, lead acid-based batteries, you can pour the liquid out and replace it.


Blown fuse

If the battery and plug are working fine, and yet the inverter’s battery is not working fine, you need to check the input fuse, which might be blown as a necessary step in repairing solar inverters.

After making sure that the input fuse is not working, you will need to replace it. When purchasing a new input fuse, you should ensure that its ratings are similar to the old fuse. Otherwise, it will destroy the inverter board.


Incorrect input voltage or frequency

Solar inverters get the DC electricity from the solar cells of the solar panel suppliers in UAE. Also, these devices require a specific amount of input before reaching the actual inversion process to AC.

Consequently, if the input current is too high or too low for the inverter, power fluctuation will occur. Although lots of things can go wrong with an inverter, someone familiar with repairs to solar inverters can easily fix it.


Inverter overheating

Inverter operations result in heat production. This heat must be dissipated to the outside environment by a fan or even the best Off Grid Solar Inverter supplier in UAE may explode. When the inverter starts to overheat, the fan is not working or is inefficient. Accordingly, you need to open the inverter and repair or replace the fan as part of the process of repairing solar inverters.


Inverter in bypass mode


In bypass mode, the inverter requires utility power to supply power to the load. Therefore, when the power grid goes out, the inverter stops working. Bypass mode is common if the inverter is not properly powered up.

To turn on the inverter, press the power button and wait until the inverter shows that it is on or goes online. If it does not turn on, please try to check the DC circuit if it is broken or if the signal wire is connected wrong.

To avoid such problems, always make sure that the connections are made correctly according to the manual. Solar inverters are quite complex, that’s why the average person is not able to repair inverters and why it’s best to leave that to a professional.


The cost of repairing solar inverters

The cost to repair an inverter depends on the extent of the damage and the kind of warranty your solar panel inverters distributor in UAE offers. In some cases, you can easily repair it with little guidance, while in other cases, the cost depends on the component to be repaired.


How to replace a solar inverter

In some situations, you will need to replace a specific component of the inverter or replace the entire device. Replacing an inverter can cost approximately $2,500. However, its replacement cost depends on the type of solar inverter and its capacity.

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A solar inverter is the most important part of a solar PV system. Consequently, if it is damaged, you will not be able to benefit from your expensive solar system. This solar system component is prone to problems like a damaged battery, bad voltages, and failure to output current much more.

This article is useful for anyone with a malfunctioning solar inverter. We have provided solutions for repairing solar inverters. However, you can also hire a technician if not to do it.

Don’t wonder how much that will cost! We’ve done our homework on inverter repair and replacement costs to shed some light on you.

If you’re asking where can I find a place for solar panel inverter repairs near me, contact our solar equipment shop in Dubai, and we’ll put you in touch with a certified repairs specialist.

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