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Sofar Solar Overview – Company History

Sofar solar inverter, a division of Sofar Group, is a Chinese solar inverter manufacturer established in 2013. We could not find any information on the web about Sofar Group or its ownership, so the financial backing of this company is not very clear.

Sofar Solar’s two manufacturing facilities are based in Xinyang and Shenzhen in China. Sofar Solar ships its products all over the world with a focus on China, Dubai, India, and Europe. Despite a late start in the inverter industry, Sofar Solar has reported that its sales grew rapidly to $300 million in 2018. Sofar Solar also manufactures battery storage systems and electric vehicle chargers.

Sofar Solar first entered the Dubai market in 2018 and was initially delisted by the Clean Energy Council because its inverters did not properly shut down in the event of a grid failure. Sofar Solar has now resolved all the technical issues with its first round of inverters and now has 41 Clean Energy Council-approved inverter models. They have a Dubai office established on Pitt St in Sydney NSW.

Sofar solar inverter uses the latest technology

The inverter in a solar power system is the point where the DC electricity produced by the solar panels is converted to grid-compatible AC electricity.

String inverters such as the Sofar solar inverter have traditionally been the standard in the solar industry. They send the energy produced by the solar panels to a central inverter that changes it from DC electricity to usable AC electricity that powers homes.

Microinverters, on the other hand, convert electricity from DC to AC at each panel and enable panel-level power monitoring and regulation. This is useful for homes that are located somewhere shaded by clouds, trees, or other buildings and is a more expensive solution than a string inverter. To save money, you can buy your inverter at a Sofar solar inverter sale.

Sofar Solar Inverter – Point of Difference

Sofar Solar inverters have some features built into the inverter that installers would typically have to install a separate device to manage. You can get a consult if you want to buy Sofar solar inverter.

I-V curve scanning

This functionality is designed to measure the maximum power point voltage (Vmpp), current (Impp), and maximum power (Pmax) of the solar panel arrays that are connected to the inverter. In simple terms, they help you identify where panel production is declining faster than the normal rate of degradation. This could be due to dirt or an issue with the installation, or it could be something claimable under the solar panel performance warranty.

The efficiency of Sofar Solar inverters

An important aspect of getting the most value from a solar inverter is choosing the right size inverter to optimize the efficiency of the solar panel system.

Inverter efficiency standards are typically 95 to 98 percent. Sofar inverters meet these standards and are at least 97.5% peak efficient for their residential G3 range and extend up to 98.6% for the 60kW (60000TL) commercial solar inverter.

The average efficiency of each range of solar inverters sold by Sofar Solar:

  • 1 – 3kW String Inverter (Single MPPT): Average 97.7%
  • String inverter from 3 – 6kW (dual MPPT): Average of 97.6%
  • 4 – 12kW String Inverter (Three-Phase and Dual MPPT): Average 98.3%
  • String inverter 10 – 20kW (Three-phase and Dual MPPT): Average of 98.2%
  • String inverter 20 – 30kW (Three-phase and Dual MPPT): Average of 98.6%
  • String inverter 30 – 40kW (Three-phase and Dual MPPT): Average of 98.7%
  • String inverter 50 – 70kW (Three-phase and Tri-MPPT): Average of 98.6%

export limitations

In many areas of Dubai, the local distribution grid only allows solar power if the solar power system does not export power to the grid. In these cases, an installer will be required to install an export limiter which will effectively reduce the power generated to match what the building requires.

Sofar Solar inverters have this functionality built-in, allowing for faster and more cost-effective installation in these circumstances. As a reputable solar panel wholesaler, Pas Solar has different plans in which they sell a Sofar solar inverter, at a price lower than the market value. So, browse our website to learn the Sofar solar inverter price in Dubai.

Sound, LCD, and Alarm Systems

Most residential solar inverters are simple devices that rely on a Wi-Fi connection and your online monitoring system and/or app to assess system performance. Sofar’s residential solar inverters have an LCD screen and integrated sounds that allow the user to be better informed directly from the physical device. They also have a monitoring tool that protects their inverters.

Sofar Solar data storage:

Sofar solar inverter has a built-in SD card. The SD card logs system power production data for 25 years. On most solar inverters, this feature is only available in the monitoring system or app and requires an internet connection. To learn more about the product specs check out the Sofar solar inverter datasheet.

Solar batteries play an important role in a solar power system, even if they are optional equipment. Solar batteries store the additional amount of energy generated by solar photovoltaic panels for future use. This energy storage reduces the amount of energy a home uses from the electrical grid and helps us save money. To learn more contact your solar inverter distributer.

Every Sofar solar inverter in Dubai is compatible with Sofar batteries. Sofar battery stores are commonly known as AC coupled battery stores. This battery storage is installed on the AC side of the solar panel system and is directly connected to the customer’s consumer unit. Sofar solar’s AC coupled battery cells are compatible with almost all types of inverters or micro-inverters available. Sofar batteries come with a 10-year warranty and the Sofar solar inverter price is affordable. You can also get a Sofar inverter for sale.

Sofar solar inverter has very limited experience in the Dubai solar market. But Sofar inverters and batteries have a high reputation in India and China. This means that the company is not small, although it does not have a large reach in the Dubai solar market. Sofar Solar offers its products at a reasonable price in the hope of getting a fair share of the Dubai solar market. Sofar Solar is a considerable option for homeowners on a tight budget.

Sofar Solar Warranty

In Dubai, the Sofar solar inverter warranty is extended to 5 years. Most inverters in Dubai come with a 5 or 10-year warranty included, which leaves Sofar on the shorter end.

Customers have the option to purchase an additional 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of Sofar warranty within 12 months of the production date (at Sofar Solar’s discretion). If this is something you are interested in, it would be wise to ask your installer to confirm that the warranty can be extended before making a purchase.

The standard Sofar solar inverter warranty extends from the date of purchase if the customer can provide valid proof of purchase; otherwise, the duration of the warranty is 5.25 years from the date of production at the Sofar Solar production facility.

If customers experience any warranty-related issues, the original installer who installed the system should be the first line of support to replace or repair the product. However, Sofar also suggests that customers who are no longer able to contact their original installer can contact them directly at their Dubai office in Sydney:

How does the Sofar solar inverter look?

Sofar inverters which are the best on-grid solar inverters Dubai market has to offer are sought after for their sleek, minimalist, and durable design. The industrial-grade design includes a die-cast frame, a 4-inch diamond display, and a simple four-button interface. The look is both modest and elegant. It should fit unobtrusively into any home.

Is Sofar a reputable name in solar inverters?

The inverter brand is reportedly in the top 3 used inverter brands in India and the top 5 in China, so the company is not as small as its penetration of the Dubai market would initially suggest. Given its hope of an increasing market share in Dubai, Sofar solar inverter price is towards the bottom of the market, so it could offer an option for buyers on a budget. Or, maybe one can get a Sofar inverter for sale.

As they don’t have the proven track record in Dubai like many other inverter brands, it would be a riskier choice in terms of reliability in our opinion. While they have received the required approval from the Clean Energy Council, Sofar solar inverter does not have any notable awards or third-party proof of their quality or reliability.

The verdict

Sofar has become one of the leading inverter manufacturers due to its quality product, affordable price, and innovative technology. While other inverters may boast a slight performance advantage, all things considered, Sofar inverters are a solid choice. Anyone balancing price, performance, and design should plan to buy Sofar solar inverter. You can check the Sofar solar inverter price list to make a better decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sofar solar inverter

How do Sofar Inverters compare with the competition?

Sofar has earned its place among the best inverters on the market today. While SMA and Fronius may outperform them on certain criteria, when balanced on performance and price, Sofar is equal to many of its competitors.

Are Sofar inverters suitable for Dubai conditions?

The Sofar inverter series has become one of the best inverters on the Dubai market. This is not only due to its efficiency and performance, but also due to its durability and reliability.

Can Sofar Inverters Save You Money?

Yes. If you correctly match a Sofar inverter to your solar system and financial and energy requirements, then they have the potential to drastically reduce your energy bills. Lowering your energy bills over the 10 to 20-year life of the system can result in big financial savings.