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An Overview of On Grid Solar Inverters

The on grid solar inverters are an integral part of the on-grid solar system. It fulfills the important task of converting the Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Moreover, these solar inverters regulate the flow of electrical current.

All household and commercial solar systems come with a solar inverter. Nevertheless, the solar inverter generally has different roles and functions in on-grid and off-grid systems.

In this guide, we will specifically explain to you the function, benefits, and shortcomings of one grid solar inverters. But first, let’s have a look at what an on-grid inverter is.

What is On Grid Solar Inverters?

An On Grid Solar Inverters is also known as a converter: It transforms unusable DC electricity into usable AC electricity. However, that’s not all.

It has many other roles to perform in a grid-tied solar system. Let’s have a look at each one of them!

Energy Conversion: Most homes depend on AC electricity. Thus, the DC electricity generated in the solar system cannot be used in its original form.

Rather, the grid inverter converts it into compatible 220 or 440-volt AC electricity, depending on the household requirement.

Ensuring System Safety: An on grid solar inverters is equipped with a safety system to protect the on-grid solar system from electrical damage.

For instance, if there is an electrical arc, the grid-tied inverter shuts down the system immediately. To know what the best on grid solar inverters in the market are contact our technicians at Pas Solar.

Maximizing and Regulating Power Output: The on-grid inverter optimizes and regulates the energy output to deal with fluctuations.

Grid Assistance: The on grid solar inverters lets two-way communication with the power grid. This means the inverter will feed the grid with surplus energy and draw energy when required.

Moreover, it picks up any disturbances in the power grid, allowing the solar system to switch to a safe mode. If necessary, the inverter can shut down the power reserve if the grid malfunctions.

Tracking Power generation: The on grid solar inverter permits easier measuring of the power production. Consequently, you can see how much spare power is produced during each cycle.

A grid-tied PV inverter is exclusive to solar PV energy. A grid-tied PV inverter is a tool that converts the direct current into alternating current. The converted power can be used in household appliances or ejected into the electrical grid. You can operate a grid-tied inverter between the local power generators and the power grid.

To guarantee effectiveness and safety when injecting electrical power into the grid, a grid-tied solar inverter should accurately match the phase and voltage of the sine wave AC waveform in the power grid. Some electricity companies pay for the electrical power you inject into the grid, meaning you might get some cash monthly by providing the power.

Not only that, you can also get on grid inverters for sale. To know more about the on grid solar inverter price in Dubai, browse our website or contact Pas Solar.

On Grid Solar Inverters Types

There are two main categories of solar inverters. These include –

1. String Inverters

These solar inverters are directly hooked to the grid. They are the predominantly used type of solar inverters for domestic and commercial purposes.

String inverters typically do not come with a battery backup. That said, you don’t need a battery in an on-grid solar system: the grid gets the job done.

2. Micro-Inverters

The Micro inverters are somewhat smaller in size but more expensive than the string inverters. This type of inverter normally comes with a capacity range of 200-350 W.

 The micro-inverters, which are installed individually on the back of each solar panel, are ideal for places where there is a difference in the amount of daylight received by any solar panel.

Benefits of an On Grid Solar Inverters

People are moving to renewable power sources today for reliability and environmental friendliness. Solar power is the most used source, with many households, offices, and institutions moving towards solar energy. It is the most affordable of all renewable energy sources.

What happens when your solar panel generates more energy than you need? The solar power transformed by the PV panels is in DC. With most devices using alternating current, using a PV inverter to convert power from DC to AC is essential. You enter it into the electrical grid for use elsewhere with the help of a grid-tied PV inverter.

The On Grid Solar Inverters can offer several advantages apart from affordability and sustainability.

Easy maintenance: The on-grid inverters are easily maintainable, that is, if you bought a high-quality model.

Easy to install: The on-grid inverter is easy to install, as there is no need for extra tools like a battery bank.

Optimized power production: on-grid solar inverters are optimized to deliver the highest amount of energy possible.

Anti-islanding protection: On Grid Solar Inverters shut down the power supply to the house the instance power goes off from the grid.

Although Anti-Islanding leads to a power outage at home, it is necessary. If a lineman is working at a defective site and your system keeps generating electricity despite the grid being shut down, the workers will be electrocuted.

Difference Between on Grid Solar Inverters and Regular Inverters

On Grid Solar Inverters

On grid solar inverters hook your home and supplement the electrical grid in case of surplus power generation. The inverter supplies power to your home appliances directly from the solar panel when solar energy is available. It returns to grid power in case there is insufficient solar energy. One of the most well-known exmaples of these inverters is the Sungrow solar inverter.

On grid PV inverters work along with the means to deliver energy to your home wherever needed. They have processing knowledge, enabling them to know when power delivery is necessary and when it is not. They also sync grid energy with power delivery. The on grid Solar Inverters Dubai branch is ready to sell on grid solar inverters.

Regular Or Off-Grid Inverters

Regular inverters cannot sync with the grid. Instead of working with the grid power, they only link to the appliance in your house. They work alone.

The off-grid inverter draws the energy from a battery, converts it from direct current, and outputs alternating current. Regular inverters should supply the power they convert from DC to AC instantly to the appliance.

You can have a standard inverter for generating a grid and use an on grid inverter to run all or most power in a hybrid system. An off-grid design is used when a solar panel is placed more than 20 m from the battery.

You can also use it if too much power is needed during the day, when there is a lot of sunlight. It is a method of using solar power most efficiently.

Use of On Grid Solar Inverters

The on-grid inverter is an economical and sustainable energy conversion choice. Thus, it is suitable for residential and commercial use.

Anyway, different on grid solar inverters types are fit for particular applications. Solar inverters like micro inverters and string inverters are best used for residential applications. Meanwhile, high-capacity central inverters are suited for industrial applications.

Also, when somebody mentions, hybrid solar inverters, they mean an on-grid inverter that is attached to a battery bank.

The hybrid solar system is grid-tied, the one difference is that, as said, it comes with a little battery storage for emergency use.

Price of On Grid Solar Inverters in India

The cost of an on-grid inverter varies based on its capacity, the manufacturer, the technology used to build the inverter, and much more.

Nevertheless, on-grid inverters are typically cost-efficient as they have a very long lifespan. Some on grid solar inverters brands also present warranties as high as 10 or 15 years. The good ones need less maintenance and are the economical option in the long run.

Even though there is no absolute on grid solar inverters price list in Dubai, settling for a low-quality product only because it is slightly cheaper isn’t a smart choice. But you can tier 1 products at low prices at an on grid solar inverter’s sale.

You must always discuss the possibilities with your installation company and then decide what are the best on grid solar inverters. One of the best and most affordable options for you would be sofar solar inverter. To learn the sofar solar inverter price contact us at Pas Solar.

Choices like whether or not you require a battery bank and whether you have to buy a micro-inverter or a string inverter should also be made after a discussion with experts. More information means you will be more certain when you buy on grid solar inverters.


You know the kinds, you know the advantages, the on grid solar inverters price in Dubai, and you know the shortcomings too. So, the grid inverter you now buy will be an educated decision.

Pas Solar is ready to sell on grid solar inverters to you. We may even have a on grid solar inverter’s sale for you.

Whether or not you buy a battery bank separately while you buy on grid solar inverters, is a personal preference. But, we would judge that if you don’t suffer too many power cuts, an on-grid inverter will be enough. You can easily get on grid inverters for sale. You can contact our sales team or browse our website to buy one of our SMA STP 50-40 inverters.

Frequently Asked Questions about On Grid Solar Inverters

Q. Can an on-grid inverter work if the power grid is down?

No. An on-grid inverter is specifically designed to shut down the power supply the moment the grid fails.

Q. Are On Grid Solar Inverters economically viable?

Yes. Among the on grid solar inverters brands, when you invest in the right manufacturer, On Grid Solar Inverters are incredibly beneficial. They minimize the possibility of damage to the appliances as they modify the input voltage too.

Q. Are On Grid Solar Inverters safe?

On-grid inverters are optimized to deal with power fluctuations.They cut the power reserve from the panel when the power from the grid is cut off. This safety procedure is known as Anti-Islanding. It is the most distinctive attribute that sets apart an on-grid inverter from all other options.

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