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Why Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are a fantastic and financially sound investment- within the last ten years, their price has decreased by ninety percent – making them accessible to everyone. Benefits of Solar batteries include:

  • Store energy produced during peak daylight.
  • Avoid rising costs during peak energy use hours.
  • Power your home throughout the night.
  • Avoid power outages due to routine maintenance.
  • Stay powered through natural disaster blackouts.
  • Be in control of your home energy use.
  • Big savings on your energy bill.
  • Experience energy independence.

How Solar Batteries work ?

Your solar panel system will produce electricity whenever the sun is shining. That electricity will be used by your house to power any appliances or your HVAC system. There will also be times when your solar panel system produces more electricity than your home needs. If you have a home solar battery backup system, that excess energy will be stored in the battery for later use. When the sun goes down later in the day, instead of having to pull from the grid—you can still use clean solar power stored by your solar battery. You’ll never have to worry about using coal-fired electricity again thanks to this renewable energy storage solution!