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Benefits of Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV

A high-performance inverter created for use in commercial and industrial solar power systems is the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV. The following are just a few advantages of this inverter:

Excellent efficiency: With a maximum efficiency of 99%, the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV may help you maximize energy production and lower your energy expenditures.

Multiple MPPTs: By maximizing power generation from several strings of panels, the inverter’s four MPPTs can help you increase the energy output of your solar panel array.

Real-time data monitoring, remote access, and automatic fault detection are just a few of the comprehensive monitoring and control functions that the inverter offers. This can assist you in locating problems and enhancing the functionality of your solar power system.

Protection and resilience: The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV is designed to be resilient and dependable, with a working temperature range of -25°C to +60°C and an IP65 protection classification.

Simple user interface, lightweight and compact design, and modular construction for quick repair and replacement all contribute to the inverter’s ease of installation and maintenance.

High power output: The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV is intended for larger-scale commercial and industrial solar power systems with a maximum AC output power of 50 kW.

Overall, the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV is a strong and effective inverter that may aid in increasing your energy efficiency and maximizing the output of your solar power system. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to be sure the inverter fits your needs for power output and efficiency as well as compatibility with your current equipment.

How Could Buy Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV

You can use the following steps generally to buy the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV:

Consider the needs of your solar power system before making a purchase. An inverter must be compatible with your current hardware and match your power output and efficiency needs. To aid you in this process, you might wish to speak with a solar power installer or consultant.

Locate a reliable provider: Seek out a distributor or supplier that offers the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV and has a solid track record for dependability and quality. You can perform an online search for suppliers, read customer testimonials, or get referrals from other people working in the solar power sector.

Requesting a price: Make contact with the vendor and ask for an inverter price quote. Ask about any additional fees, including shipping and installation charges.

Put your order: After receiving a price and confirming your agreement with the conditions and cost, you may contact the provider to place your purchase. At this time, you might need to submit payment and delivery details.

Install and set up the inverter: After you receive the inverter for your solar power system, you must install and set it up. To assist with this process, you might wish to employ a professional installation or consultant.

To guarantee that your solar power system is safe, effective, and efficient like Pas Solar in Dubai, it’s crucial to make sure you buy the inverter from a reputable source and that you adhere to all installation and safety instructions.

Price of Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV

To obtain a precise pricing quote, I advise speaking with a reliable supplier or distributor in your area. They will be able to give you the most recent pricing details and respond to any other queries you may have regarding buying the inverter. You can also connect with us by visiting the Pas Solar website and you can also visit Growatt inverter dubai price list.

Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV Selection Guide

There are various things to take into account while choosing the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV inverter. Following are some general principles:

A solar power system’s inverter must be compatible with the solar panels and other parts for it to work properly. For confirmation that it supports the appropriate voltage and current ratings, check the inverter’s specifications.

Power output: The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV is capable of producing up to 50 kilowatts of power. Be sure that this meets your energy needs and that the output of your solar panels is matched.

Efficiency: Search for an inverter with a good rating for efficiency. With a maximum efficiency rating of 98.7%, the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV may help you get the most out of your solar power system.

Examine the warranty and reliability ratings of the inverter to make sure it is reliable and long-lasting. The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV comes with a 5-year standard warranty that may be extended to 10-years.

The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV has advanced features like built-in surge protection, string monitoring, and remote monitoring capabilities. Think about if these characteristics are necessary for your particular solar power system requirements.

In order to choose the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV that best suits your demands and your solar power system, it is crucial to take into account variables like compatibility, power output, efficiency, durability and dependability, and advanced features.

Technical Specifications of Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV

These are the Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV inverter’s technical details:

1000 V maximum input voltage

72 A maximum input current

Power input maximum: 137.5 kW

DC/AC ratio maximum: 1.5

Efficiency maximum: 98.7%

Efficiency in euros: 98.5%

Range of the MPPT voltage: 480-850 V

MPPT count: 2 Strings per MPPT: 3 + 3

50 kW maximum AC power.

Output current maximum: 78 A

Operational voltage range: 310–480 V Nominal AC voltage: 400 V/three phases

Fidelity: 50/60 Hz

THD: <3%

>0.99 Power factor

Weight: 65 kg Dimensions: 705 x 618 x 277 mm

Using natural convection to cool

Operating temperatures: -25 to +60 °C

Connectivity options include RS485, WiFi, Ethernet, and GPRS (optional)

IP65 protection rating

The Growatt – MAX 50KTL3 LV inverter’s efficiency, MPPT voltage range, operating temperature range, and other important characteristics are detailed in these technical specifications.


  • Width  860cm
  • Depth  600cm
  • Hight    300cm
  • Weight   82Kg


5 years

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