When is the right time to upgrade a solar inverter?

upgrade solar inverter
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Solar power industry is booming in the UAE, with a community focus on generating cleaner, greener power and relying less on fossil fuels. The nation has some lofty environmental goals, and everyone can do their part to help meet them. One of the necessary steps owners of solar energy systems can take to ensure the production of clean energy is to upgrade the solar inverter. Let’s look at some of the other reasons you might consider a solar inverter upgrade.


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Why you may need to upgrade solar inverter

Technology is constantly improving, and that’s just the nature of the world we live in. Therefore, it is only natural that many people want the latest and most effective solar inverters on the market. However, there are also some much more important reasons to consider upgrading existing solar systems, and you may find that you can save more money as a result. Here are a few reasons why you may consider upgrading:


The inverter no longer works like it should

The main reason to upgrade a solar inverter is that your system just isn’t working like it used to. Solar inverters degrade over time, losing a small amount of efficiency each year, even if you have tier 1 solar inverters. This loss is so minimal that you wouldn’t even notice it; however, over 20 years, your system will likely generate much less power than when you first installed it.


Upgrade solar inverter for more energy production

Even if your system is still working fine, you may need more power now than you did 15 or 20 years ago. Your family may have grown, or you may have added features to your home that use more energy. People’s energy needs change, so the system you installed years ago may not be powerful enough to meet your needs.

In this situation, you may not need a full system overhaul. Instead, you may need to replace the old inverter. We are going to discuss that later. The other thing to consider is feed rates.

This is the credit you receive on your energy bill for excess solar energy that you export to the main grid. If you want to increase your production and earn more credits, you will need a higher solar production. And don’t worry about the price because we can offer you Off Grid Solar Inverter supplier in UAE.


Check inverter capacity before you upgrade solar inverter


When considering an upgrade of any kind, you’ll need to check the capacity of your inverter. If you purchased an inverter with a much higher capacity than your solar panels can deliver, you may be able to add more solar panels. This is a much cheaper option than a full upgrade.

Alternatively, if your inverter’s capacity is lacking, it may be worth getting a completely new system. Of course, you could keep your existing solar panels and just upgrade to a bigger inverter.

However, the problem here may be the natural degradation of the solar panel’s performance over time. Typically, if you’re upgrading an inverter, your panels will need to be upgraded anyway.


Adding battery storage

The other reason you may be thinking about upgrading the existing solar inverter is to add battery storage. If you find that you are exporting a lot of excess solar energy to the main grid during the day, it might be beneficial to capture that energy in a battery and use it overnight, rather than being supplied with electricity from the main grid.


Understand Solar Warranties before you upgrade solar inverter

When you’re considering upgrading existing solar inverters, it pays to understand a little about the warranties you received when you purchased your original system. Knowing this is necessary for realizing “Is it worth upgrading the solar inverter.”

If equipment failure or significantly degraded performance is the reason you’re considering an upgrade, always check to see if you have any chance of a warranty claim. You can check the conditions for On grid solar inverter dubai on our website.


Recycle your solar panels if you upgrade solar inverter


Finally, if you are thinking about upgrading your solar panel inverter, consider recycling your old solar panels. There are several options for recycling old panels, such as taking them to a dedicated solar panel recycling center. Keep in mind that recycling often comes at a cost, but it pays to know that you’re making a green choice.

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Solar panel inverter upgrade instructions

So, how can you upgrade a solar inverter? If you’ve decided on a solar inverter upgrade, the best thing to do is contact a reputable solar company to buy one of the best solar inverter suppliers in Dubai. First, they can analyze your current usage and the performance of your current inverter. From there, you’ll get a recommendation for the solar inverters types that are best for you.

As you explore your options, ask the retailer about solar incentives. If you’ve had your inverter for a long time, you may be eligible for some sort of rebate or incentive from the government. The rules are different in each region, so it’s always worth checking your eligibility.

Here at Pas Solar, we can help you with all of your solar system installation needs. Whether you just want to add new panels or upgrade your inverter or the entire system, or you’re asking “can I upgrade my solar inverter”, we’re here to help.

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