Introducing Dubai Solar Energy Park

Dubai solar park
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Clean energy production has been a major focus of the UAE’s efforts to ensure long-term growth in the nation over the past decade, and the Dubai solar park is their approach toward that goal. The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (also known as Dubai Solar Park) is one such project that is bringing a lot of attention to the UAE in terms of green energy. Today we take a closer look at this unique Dubai Solar Park facility and its achievements!

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About the Dubai solar power park

In 2012, the United Arab Emirates launched the Green Economy initiative for sustainable development to make the country a world leader in the green economy, products, and technologies. The establishment of the DEWA Solar Park in Dubai is in line with this initiative and is part of a larger commitment to sustainable development projects in the UAE.

The Dubai solar park project has the ambitious goal of achieving an energy mix based largely on renewable energy sources in the UAE. To reach that goal, they have used the most modern panels and tier 1 solar inverters. The objective of the strategy is that 75% of the emirate’s energy comes from clean sources by the year 2050, which is equivalent to about 42,000 MW (megawatts).


How does the Dubai solar park contribute to the environmental cause?


The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) Solar Park is one of the main pillars of this new-age strategy. It was launched in 2012 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. The development of the solar park will further propel Dubai as a world leader in the clean and renewable energy sector.

The Dubai Solar Plant is the world’s largest single-site solar power project, based on the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model. This model has been applied by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

By 2030, Dubai Solar Park is expected to produce around 5000 MW with a total investment of AED 50 billion. One of the interesting facts about the MBR Solar Park is that it is expected to reduce 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions per year when complete.


Other Projects In The Mohammd Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

The Dubai Solar Park has a water desalination plant, as well as a Research and Development Center:


Desaliation Plant Of The Dubai Solar Park

The water desalination plant is solar-powered and uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology. The production capacity is 50 cubic meters, which is equivalent to about 11,000 gallons per day. The UAE Water Aid Foundation (Suqia) is a partner in this innovative project to provide clean water to those in need in other countries through various initiatives.


Research And Development Center


The Research and Development Center of the Dubai mega solar park covers 4,400 square meters. And has several laboratories, workshops, and testing facilities.

The Dubai Solar Park R&D Center focuses on the development of the following four areas:

  • Production of electricity from solar energy using solar panel in dubai and other clean energy technologies
  • Smart grid integration
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water

The world’s first 3D printed lab can be found within the facility. The laboratory that holds the Guinness World Record was the creation of the DEWA Robotics and Drones Laboratory in the solar park. In addition to the two existing solar test facilities in the park, DEWA is now working on the construction of an innovation center. although we can offer you best solar inverter price in UAE.


Visiting The Dubai Solar Park

You can visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park to see this truly impressive engineering feat with your own eyes and learn more about the project. The park opens at 10:00 am and closes at 04:00 pm. It is closed to visitors on Fridays and holidays. Make sure to book your visit before 2:30 p.m., as it is the last visiting time of the day. Make sure you give Dubai solar park visit when you’re in Dubai.

A tour of the facilities includes a visit to its auditorium, where you will be shown an introductory video that will inform you about the mission of the solar park. After that, you will be taken on a tour of the Exhibition Area with many information-packed zones to explore, such as:

  • History Zone
  • light zone
  • sun zone
  • Future Zone

Be sure to follow the rules of the facility when you visit. Pets and smoking are not allowed at Dubai Solar Park. It is also necessary to dress appropriately. You can find all the details by visiting the official website of the center.

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Where Is The Dubai Solar Park Located?

Dubai Solar Park is located in the Saih Al-Dahal region, about 50 km south of downtown Dubai. In recent years, the government has pushed to move towards cleaner energy sources for residential homes as well.

Now, Dubai residents can become more sustainable by powering their homes with solar energy with DEWA’s Shams project. Similarly, DEWA has also opened electric car charging stations as a way to encourage the use of such vehicles in the emirate.

All these projects are in line with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and the best thing is that many companies and property developers are also jumping on the bandwagon. There are many eco neighborhoods in Dubai. Sustainable City Dubai is one of the main examples.

If you’re traveling to the UAE, visiting the Dubai solar power park should definitely go into your itinerary. To learn more about the Dubai solar park, please contact our solar shop in middle east.

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