Do solar panel inverters need servicing?

solar inverter servicing
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The industry norm for solar panel warranties is 20 years, while most inverters are sold only with 10 years of warranty protection. This means that you will almost certainly have to pay for solar inverter servicing at least once during the life of your PV system.

Inverter maintenance is a cost that takes many solar customers by surprise. And it can extend the original payback period while reducing the expected return on investment (ROI).

Do solar inverters need servicing? Use this guide to navigate the landscape of solar inverter repair so that your investment in clean energy generates more predictable returns.

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Everything you need to know about solar inverter servicing

Photovoltaic panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, but most household appliances use alternating current (AC). Solar inverters are responsible for converting this energy so that you can take advantage of the free energy that reaches your roof.

When an inverter malfunctions, your solar panels continue to generate electricity. But none of the energy produced can be used.


How often do I need solar inverter servicing?


Each photovoltaic installation is unique; therefore, there is no universal schedule for the maintenance of solar inverters. Your best option is to search “solar inverter service center near me” and then contact them and make an appointment for them to inspect your inverter.

Solar panels are typically covered for 20 to 25 years.

Inverters come with 10 to 25 years depending on technology and types of it. You can visit solar panel inverters distributor in UAE in our website.

Battery storage solutions typically ship within 5 or 10 years.

Failures and malfunctions are inevitable, which means you should budget for at least one replacement or repair in the total lifetime budget of your investment.

But aren’t solar inverter servicing costs included in normal solar inverter warranties? Not necessarily.


When does the guarantee apply?

While almost all on grid solar inverter Dubai come with warranty protection, it’s often difficult to qualify for several reasons:

  • The original manufacturer is no longer in business and cannot honor the warranty.
  • The manufacturer is in business, but does not make the part you need any longer
  • The problem is outside the scope of coverage (ie bird droppings or corrosion)
  • Previous maintenance (or tampering) of the solar inverter voided the warranty

Warranty protection is important. And you should consider your decision-making when first buying a solar inverter. But during the 25+ year life of a PV system, many things can render inverter warranties worthless. So be ready to pay for solar inverter repair costs if necessary. Off Grid Solar Inverter supplier Dubai is usually longer than the other brands on the market.


When should a solar inverter be replaced?


It can be tempting to automatically replace or repair your inverter at the end of your warranty coverage instead of paying for solar inverter servicing. But inverters can last much longer than expected, and you may end up wasting money with premature solar inverter maintenance.

Instead, look for sudden drops in your PV system’s performance. Lowered solar power production is a sure sign that something is not right. It is customary to check the panels first or contact a solar panel companies in UAE to see if they need service or cleaning. A faulty inverter can damage solar modules if there is a power surge or voltage imbalance.

Once you make sure the problem’s not with the panels, inspecting the solar inverter is the next reasonable step. Unfortunately, finding the right equipment to inspect either can be challenging, especially if the original installer is no longer in business or does not provide PV system maintenance as part of their solar inverter servicing.

So, it is best to be ready both mentally and financially if you need to bring in an inverter repair technician.


How to choose the best supplier for solar inverter servicing

As a residential solar customer, I would check with the original manufacturer, assuming the inverter is still under warranty. Keep in mind that this would only give you a better replacement. You’ll still need a technician to remove the old inverter before replacing it with the new one.

Thereafter, I would check with the original installer, assuming they are still in business, offering this specific service, and the first experience with them has been a positive one. Otherwise, you would have to do a Google search for “solar panel maintenance inverter replacement”.

As a commercial solar customer, the same basic steps apply, contact the original manufacturer and installer before doing a Google search.

As an asset management company, you should check your operations and maintenance (O&M) service agreement to see if repair or replacement of the inverter is included. Otherwise, you will follow the same steps mentioned for commercial and residential solar buyers.


Easy Repair of Solar Inverters


Pas Solar is Dubai’s major solar equipment shop, which is useful for connecting solar asset owners with experienced service technicians. Each photovoltaic installation has unique parameters, based on variables such as size, location, technology, and manufacturer.

By analyzing these attributes, Pas Solar can quickly connect you with the right solar repair team, with less hassle and better results, and our solar inverter service company does all that at an affordable and transparent price. So, if you have questions like “do solar panel inverters need servicing?”, our website is where you can get your answers.

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