How to install solar panels on tile roofs ?

install solar panels on tile roofs
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There is no denying the growing popularity and usefulness of solar panels for homes in Dubai. Over the years, manufacturers produce more efficient and less expensive panels. And if your roof is made of tiles, you may be wondering how people install solar panels on tile roofs. Don’t worry. This article here will answer all your questions.

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How to mount solar panels on tile roofs

Pre-installation inspection and measurement

This is the first step in installing solar pool panels on a tile roof. Remotely or in person, installers will assess your roof and determine the best installation location based on available space, slope, and orientation. Pas Solar is a certified solar shop in Middle East, and our representatives are ready to visit your home and evaluate your property.

From here, they will take steps to decide where to attach the brackets and rail system. After evaluating the roof, the location of the inverter and wiring is also determined to install solar panels on tile roofs.

Removing Tiles


When considering, how you can mount solar panels on tile roofs, the initial stages are a bit different from other types of roofs. When installers first get on your roof, they will begin removing specific shingles in preparation for installing mounting brackets.

Based on the measurements and railing length needed for your solar panels, the installation team will remove the shingles so they can access the roof joists and structure. Installers can also make minor additions to your ceiling cavity to create additional mounting points for brackets.

Installing the mounting brackets

After determining the correct spacing and measurements, installers will attach stainless steel mounting brackets to the joists. Once the corbels are secured, the removed tiles are replaced in their original position. To ensure the shingles are properly placed and the integrity of the roof is maintained, the shingles will be cut to fit around the newly installed supports. Your installation team will also replace any cracked or damaged tiles.

Experienced installers will ensure that the mounting brackets are fully secured and that the roof’s completely waterproof. If necessary, solar panel installers will also apply waterproofing material while they install solar panels on tile roofs.

The initial work of removing shingles and attaching brackets is unique to tile roofs and could result in a slightly more expensive installation process. That said, every roof is unique in its size, shape, orientation, and material. For instance, installing solar panels on concrete tile roof is completely different from installing solar panels on metal tile roof.

Installation of the rail system

Once the brackets are secure, it’s time to install the rail system; Let’s call it a tile roof solar mount. Aluminum alloy rails are placed along the ceiling and fixed to the brackets; These tracks are the anchor point for the solar panels. Once the rail system’s ready, we can install solar panels on tile roofs.


Factors to consider before you install solar panels on tile roofs


We have covered how solar panels fit into tile roofing materials in great detail. However, before proceeding with solar panel installation, there are a couple of considerations you need to make to determine if your roof materials are suitable for solar panels.

The first consideration when you want to install solar panels on a clay tile roof, is the integrity of your roof. Solar panels will add extra weight to a roof, and your solar panel installer will need to assess if your roof can support the panels. Structural integrity could also determine how many panels fit. The larger the system, the more weight there will be.

Solar panels work best on roofs with a slope between 10 and 45 degrees. Flatter roofs may use specially designed frames or tilt brackets to position the panels correctly: however, this could also increase the cost of installation.

Depending on your roof architecture, it may have a single slope or multiple faces. Solar panels work best on north-facing roofs, since they receive the most sun during the day. That’s an important factor when you install solar panels on tile roofs. East and west orientations are also suitable; however, south-facing roofs are not suitable.

Solar PV panels use direct sunlight to generate solar energy. Before you install solar panels on tile roofs, you need to make sure your roof is getting as much sunlight as possible. If any shading can be reduced by removing trees or objects, it is recommended to do so. If shading is inevitable in some parts, the installer will install the panels in the best location.


Get Professional Help

If you’re still unsure how to install solar panels on tile roofs or would like more information about our solar panel installation services, Pas Solar is here to help. We have installed different solar panel types over the years, many of which have been on tile roofs. With years of experience, we take care of every roof we work on and make sure our customers get the best results for their solar systems. For more information visit solar panel for sale in UAE.

Whether you’re looking for solar panels, inverters, battery storage, or complete packages, we have a solution for you. Pas Solar will offer you the best solar panels and the solar inverter price in UAE on the market. To find out more about our services or to get a quote, contact us today.

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