5 Reasons why you should buy a solar battery

benefits of solar battery storage
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Although solar batteries are a substantial investment, more and more homeowners are choosing to install them with their solar panels due to all the great benefits of solar battery storage. In this article, we’ll go over some of the advantages of solar batteries and explore the solar panel battery benefits.


Is it worth buying solar batteries?

With a typical grid-tied solar panel system, whenever your solar panels produce more electricity than your home uses, the extra electricity is sent to the grid. In most states, your utility company will give you some type of value for that electricity through a program called net metering. Visit solar panel for sale in UAE if you need to see types of solar panels.

When you install a solar battery, you can store that excess solar electricity instead of feeding it back into the grid, and that’s one of the major benefits of solar battery storage. You can then use the stored energy later in the day when your solar panels don’t produce enough electricity to meet your home’s energy needs.

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What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

Are you thinking, “why buy a solar battery”? These are some of the benefits of using batteries with solar panels.

1. Energy independence


One of the biggest benefits of solar battery storage is that you don’t have to rely as much on your utility. That’s good news, especially if you live in an area with constant power outages. A solar battery will keep your lights on and your phones charged, even when your neighbors are out of power.

Normally, solar panels stop producing electricity when the power goes out to avoid feedback to the grid. But when you add a battery to your solar system, your solar panels continue to power your home and charge your battery, even during a power outage.

2. Reduce carbon footprint

When people install solar batteries, The first thing they ask themselves is, “should I get a battery with my solar system?” If you do not store solar energy in a battery, you are going to need to rely on the grid for electricity, which is not environmentally friendly.

So, if your primary reason for going solar is your desire to go green, combining solar with storage is the best way to ensure your home maintains a small carbon footprint.

3. Quiet backup power

As we mentioned earlier, solar batteries give you back up power when the grid fails. Unlike conventional gas generators, which many people use during long power outages, solar batteries don’t make any noise.

That means you’ll have the benefit of reliable power, without the air pollution and noise that come with gas-guzzling generators. Plus, you do not have to be concerned about getting fuel to run a solar battery, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

You can just sit back and relax while your solar panels continue to charge your battery and enjoy all the benefits of solar battery storage. But before you buy and install a solar battery, you should pay attention to the different solar panel inverters distributor in UAE, and choose an inverter that’s compatible with your battery.

4. Saving on the electricity bill

Many of our customers ask us, “do solar systems need batteries?” The answer is no, but with a solar battery installed, you can save on your utility bill. This is one of the most important benefits of solar battery storage. Nevertheless, the amount you can save depends on the kind of net metering system your utility uses.

Using net metering, your electric provider will give you a credit on your electric bill for the surplus solar power you send to the grid that’ll be subtracted from your future energy costs.

If your utility company uses time-of-use rates, then a solar battery will be a more financially sound choice. With time-of-use rates, the cost of electricity depends on what time of day you consume the most electricity. When you use a battery, you can decide to use your stored energy when electricity is most expensive, saving you much more money on your electric bill. So, if you were asking “do solar systems require batteries?” there’s your answer.

5. Greater Energy Security

Solar battery systems allow your home to be more resilient when it comes to power. Particularly useful if you live in an area where the grid is occasionally unstable, or you simply want to provide a higher level of certainty for your home power, batteries can power the main parts of your home for a long time, even if the there’s a malfunction with the grid which is among the benefits of solar battery storage.


Is a solar battery right for your home?

So, is it worth getting a solar battery? Solar batteries are a rational investment for households that are in areas that experience power outages frequently or where the energy company does not offer full retail net metering. They are also a great way to maximize the amount of renewable energy your household consumes.

Keep in mind that solar batteries are not cheap. A lithium-ion solar battery can cost between $7,000 and $12,000, not including installation. That’s why most homeowners who live in places with full retail net metering don’t choose to pair their system with solar batteries; it’s just not worth it. For these people, installing a battery will increase the total cost of their solar system and give them the same savings as without a battery.

However, the cost of solar batteries is declining and is projected to decrease further in the future. Hopefully, more price drops will make batteries worth your while no matter where you live.

But for now, the batteries are better for homeowners who live where the grid isn’t reliable, don’t get full retail net metering, or for those who are trying to substantially reduce their carbon footprint. If you have more questions, you can contact our solar equipment one stop shop and get their answers.

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