JA Solar 535W MBB Half-cell Module

Assembled with multi-busbar PERC cells, the half-cell configuration of the modules JAM72S30-535MR offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect on the energy generation, lower risk of hot spot, as well as enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading.

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Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) 49.45 V
Short Circuit Voltage (Isc/A) 13.73 Amp
Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A) 12.9 Amp
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V) 41.47 V
Module efficienvy% 20.70%


Size (mm) 2279x1134x35
weight 27.2kg


Material and Processing 12 Years
Extra Linear Output 25 Years


Pallet 31 Pieces
20 GP Container 155 Pieces
40 HC Container 620 Pieces


JA Solar 535W MBB Half-cell Module

Panel trends have a way of quickly catching on, and JA Solar 535W is the latest hot topic. IHS Markit indicated that passivated emitter rear cells (PERC) technology would go from a blip in the market in 2014 to mainstream by 2020—a prediction confirmed by anyone looking at panel models released this year. PERC is here to stay.

The next hot invention on that mainstream path is JA Solar 535W.

Half-cell modules have solar cells that are divided in half, which improves the module’s performance and durability. Standard 60- and 72-cell panels are going to have 120 and 144 half-cut cells, respectively. When solar cells are halved, their current is also cut in half, so resistive losses are lowered and the cells can produce a little more power.

Smaller cells undergo lowered mechanical stresses, so there is less opportunity for cracking. JA Solar 535W modules have better output ratings and are more reliable than traditional panels. If you are interested in buying, you can learn the JA Solar 535W price in Dubai.

When talking about a solar installation, the idea of more is at the vanguard—generate more energy, spend less money and do less damage to the environment, said Cemil Seber, VP of product management and global marketing for module producer REC. If you are concerned about the price, find a JA Solar 535W for sale. In the case of roofs where there is limited room available, using JA Solar 535W can be helpful. You can compare JA Solar 535W price with other models and make the right choice. You might even find a JA Solar 535W in sale.

REC is a half-cell pioneer, first coming up with the design in 2014. The company’s JA Solar 535W effectively turns every panel into two twin panels. Since the cells are smaller, inter-cell spacing doesn’t need to be as wide and they can be placed more tightly. This allows REC to divide the panel into two. Self-reliant upper and lower module halves lead to better response in shaded conditions. If the bottom half of a module is in the shade, the top half will still work.

REC has revolutionized the industry with half-cell designs in polycrystalline modules. REC’s half-cell PERC polycrystalline modules have achieved 300 W, and they can contend with full-cell modules in the more efficient monocrystalline category. The company has gotten so much positive feedback about the advantages of half-cells, that it is transitioning all its manufacturing lines to the new technology.

During the 2018 tradeshow swing, REC introduced its new N-Peak series of modules, the company’s first attempt at monocrystalline half-cells for even more efficiency and output—up to 330 W in a standard 60-cell footprint.

Other manufacturers have also begun half-cell designs in the monocrystalline class. Longi solar panels uae recently surpassed 360 W in testing with its 120-cell half-cut monocrystalline PERC model. Hanwha Q CELLS accepted the Intersolar Award 2018 Photovoltaics class for its QPEAK DUO-G5 solar module—a 120-half-cell, six-busbar monocrystalline model. The Hanwha module utilizes round wires rather than flat ribbons for busbars to lower shading on the cells. Furthermore, Hanwha has half-cut designs for the 72-cell marketplace, although in polycrystalline. Its Q. PLUS DUO L-G5.2 is a polycrystalline half-cell module with a max output of 370 W.

Since JA Solar 535W is the trendy subject right now, a manufacturer just has to modify a few things on its lines to compete. The two challenges with changing full-cell module building into half-cell designs are the cell cutting and the stringing procedure. Since half-cells are typically PERC cells, to begin with, the cell itself is rather delicate.

Laser-cutting the cell down the middle without breaking it is a delicate procedure. JA Solar 535W usually uses four or more busbars. Stringing these very thin connection strips across a smaller footprint needs the use of precise equipment. Junction boxes are also different on half-cell models.

Most manufacturers use several, smaller junction boxes so each module half can function as its own. Otherwise, half-cell module assembly is the same as full-cell production.

Because JA 535W modules generate more power and are more efficient and reliable than full-cell models, their use can lead to saving time and money for the installer.

The money you pay can be reduced if you find a JA Solar 535W for sale. Browse our site and check out the JA Solar 535W price and find out if it is good choice for you to purchase JA Solar 535W.

The world solar market is continuously developing, and new trends are quickly becoming mainstream. JA Solar 535W was revolutionary in the solar game. Based on statistics, there will be a boost in the half-cell solar module market share to 40% by 2028.  To clarify everything, let us learn what it is and find out the benefits it delivers.

What is it, JA Solar 535W half-cell?

JA Solar 535W half-cell solar panel in dubai are precisely what their name indicates – standard solar cells that have been cut in half with a laser cutter. Contrary to the standard modules, which contain 60 or 72 cells, a half-cell module doubles the number of cells to 120 or 144 cells for each module.

It has the same size as a standard cell panel, but is modified with half-cut cells. The technology of doubling cells makes more opportunities to receive solar energy from the sunlight and send it into the inverter. All the benefits that come with this module means it is a good choice to buy JA Solar 535W.

Advantages of half-cell solar modules

Employing half-cut cells in photovoltaic solar panels can boost solar energy output. Compared to conventional solar panels, JA Solar 535W module provides many benefits. Let us mention some of the most important.

Superior performance

JA Solar 535W can help solar modules function better by improving efficiency, thereby boosting energy output. They achieve this in the following ways:

Resistive loss reduction

In standard solar cells, the electrical current transport causes some power loss during the conversion of sunlight to electricity. Resistive losses are brought to a minimum due to the lower current coursing through the solar module. If you are looking for a JA Solar 535W sale, contact the Pas Solar sale team.

Improved low-light performance

Shade and dim circumstances have no impact on JA Solar 535W modules, compared to traditional solar panels, which makes it reasonable to buy JA Solar 535W. The main cause is a small variation in the wiring method of half-cell solar modules.

Half-cut solar cells are linked in sequence, much like normal solar cells. They have doubled cells and cell rows. Anyway, if a single row of the module shades, the solar panel loses less power since only a sixth of the total module energy production is impacted.


In addition to having a higher energy output, JA Solar 535W modules are more dependable due to their long-life performance. They are less prone to micro-cracks thanks to their compact design.

With these benefits, property owners who select half-cell modules could see a faster return on investment. They are a far more practical choice in areas where space is limited, and shade or low light conditions are an issue.

LA Solar Factory supplies half-cell modules with the strictest certifications and the most reliable warranties on the market. We use only top-quality materials and tools during the production procedure. Each of the produced modules is approved based on international standards and undergoes numerous tests.

Our company ensures the premium quality of half-cell modules and provides a 25-year warranty of efficiency. The next step would be to check out the ja solar panels price in Dubai.

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