Canadian Solar Panel 7 Mono PERC 660W

Canadian Solar Hiku7 mono half cell solar panel 660W solar module for commercial solar system

SKU: 7 Mono PERC 660 W

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Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) 45.4 V
Short Circuit Voltage (Isc/A) 13.73 Amp
Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A) 17.24 Amp
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V) 38.8 V
Module efficienvy% 21..4%


Size (mm) 2384 x 1303 x 25 mm
weight 34.4


Material and Processing 12 Years
Extra Linear Output 25 Years


Pallet 31 Pieces
40 HC Container 527 Pieces


Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660 W Overview

One of the most cost-effective methods of improving efficiency that has come into vogue this decade is PERC. This is the technology used in Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660 W. While it’s not a holy grail, it at least has to count as a mug of holy ale and is better than just a holy shot glass.

PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. It improves efficiency by allowing electrons to flow more freely and also by increasing the reflectivity of the back of the solar cells.

Currently, around a quarter of new solar panel for sale in uae are PERC and the figure may reach 50% by 2020. The reason it has become popular is that it adds little to the cost of solar panels and increases their efficiency by around a full percentage point. That is, you can turn a boring old panel with 16% efficiency into an exciting one with 17% efficiency.

How Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660W works

Most solar panels use P-type cells, while some higher-cost, high-efficiency panels use N-type cells. After the Canadian solar 7 660w installation, when light hits silicon atoms in a solar cell, it can release electrons. These electrons are charged negatively, and the atoms that lose them are charged positively.

Since opposites attract, the two want to recombine to become whole again. But solar cells are made so that the electrons accumulate on one side and cannot reach the positive atoms on the other side.

In P-type cells, the most common type, the base of the cell is positive, and the top is negative. The top layer of silicon where electrons gather is called the emitter. Since the negative electrons at the top cannot take the shortest path to the positive atoms below, they pass through a fine grid of wires on the surface of the cell and keep traveling until they reach the bottom of the solar cell.

As they travel on their merry way, we can exploit them to provide electricity to power lights, laptops, solar inverter suppliers in dubai, and potentially many other things. At Pas Solar, we can offer the best Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660 W warranty.

But if electrons and atoms recombine below metal contacts on the surface or back of the cell, the voltage is reduced and the cell’s output is limited. This effect can be reduced by passivation, which is what the first letter of PERC stands for. For more info, refer to the Canadian solar panels data sheet.

P is for passivation

Passivation involves creating a layer of oxidized material. The layer below the wire grid on the cell surface is usually aluminum oxide. On the back of the cell, it is aluminum oxide or silicon oxide, followed by a layer of silicon nitride. And those are the four letters in PERC: Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. Now that you know how this works, check out the Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660 W price.

On the back of the cell, the metal contacts still need to touch the cell’s silicon, so a “laser” is used to cut holes in the passivation layer on the back for the metal contacts to enter.

Better performance

Helping electrons flow is not the only advantage of passivation in the Canadian Solar 7 Mono PERC 660 W. Also, it improves the amount of light reflected from underneath the cell. This is useful because if the light doesn’t hit a silicon atom and releases an electron on the way in, the reflection will give it a second chance on the way out. If this technology interests you, browse to see the Canadian solar 7 660w price in Dubai. If you have more questions, please contact our solar equipment shop for more information.

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