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What is JA Solar?

JA Solar is a Chinese corporation that is one of the biggest manufacturers of solar panels in the world. JA Solar Panels are tier 1 panels that offer a 12-year product warranty, which is becoming normal for the industry among higher quality brands. Some offer a more extended product warranty, but they’ll usually be more expensive panels.

JA Solar has an Australian branch located in Newcastle, which means there are individuals in the country you can reach in case you have a concern. As their panels are salt mist corrosion resistant, they are appropriate for installation anywhere in Australia.

JA Solar Panels expresses it has exported 73 gigawatts of solar panels as of the end of the second quarter of 2021. In early 2020, it was called the second largest shipper of panels in the world for the previous year, behind JinkoSolar.

JA Solar is one of the biggest solar factories in the world. It runs 12 manufacturing branches and has more than 20 chapters across the world providing 135 countries with its products, and they often offer JA Panels for sale.

What is it about JA Solar Panels that has made the business so successful? Are JA panels the right option for you? Let’s explore.

The History of JA Solar?

You may ask yourself are JA Solar Panels any good? To that we have to say, there are only a few brands that control the solar panel international market, and JA Solar Holdings Co. is one of them. We hope this JA Solar Panels review answers your questions.

JA Solar’s residential solar panels are high-efficiency monocrystalline modules. Much of JA Solar’s success derives from the affordability of its products relative to the efficiency and the power products produce. The green energy company’s profitability has drawn customers and investors for years.

The power of JA’s PV modules lies in its PERC solar cell technology with a half-cell design. PERC technology, a fancy way of expressing an extra layer on the back of the traditional solar cells, has become fairly common in the most efficient solar panels. Half-cell designs involve dividing a panel into two halves that can work independently to account for shading or issues on the other half.

Only second to Jinko Solar panels for the number of solar panels exported, they are a giant company. Formed in 2005, JA Solar Panels is a relatively new company, but they have squandered no time in increasing production to great levels.

There have been no reports of any monetary problems or concerns since they started working, which is usually a good signal in this industry, which is known for being unstable.

JA Solar is also a Tier One manufacturer, which is why Bloomberg New Energy Finance has considered them very credible. Please note here though, that the Tier One classification is not about the reliability or performance of solar panels in any way. The rating is based mainly on the economic stability of a manufacturer and is normally used so that big banks will give loans for solar farms using panels like JA Solar. So, while this is a nice factor, please do not mistake this with anything to do with performance.

JA Solar Panels Production Facilities

The bulk of JA Solar panel manufacturing capacity consists of 9 manufacturing plants in China. Four are close to the giant metropolis of Shanghai and 2 in the Beijing conurbation. They also have a 400-megawatt facility located in Malaysia, which is convenient for avoiding US tariffs on Chinese-made panels, and they have a 200-megawatt assembly factory in Vietnam.

JA Solar Panels Power Rating

A power rating means how many watts a solar panel can produce. The top solar panel factories produce solar panels ranging between 300 and 400 watts, meaning that’s the Canadian Solar Panels of power they’re capable of generating.

Nonetheless, a number of top manufacturers like Qcells, Panasonic, and LONGI Solar Panels have already built panels above 400 watts, and we expect JA to follow in their footsteps.

Temperature Coefficient of JA Solar Panels

Although solar panels are built to stand extreme heat, they aren’t totally resistant to the elements. As with any electrical device, extreme heat can impact the overall performance of the panel.

The temperature coefficient gauges the extent to which a solar panel’s performance lowers in extreme temperatures. The industry normal temperature coefficient for a solar panel ranges between -0.3%/C and -0.5%/C. A solar panel with a temperature coefficient of -0.3%/C would lose 0.3% of its energy output for each degree of temperature go above 25C.

JA Solar modules have temperature coefficients around -0.35 %/C, which puts them towards the top of PV systems. This means that there are a few solar panels that will function better than JA panels in excessive heat.

JA Solar Panels Efficiency

JA Solar Panels currently available in Australia  have a transformation efficiency of between 19.5% for the JAMS66 360W and 21% for

their JAMS20 390W monocrystalline module, both of which are fairly worthy among solar panels at this end of the price range. Check out JA Solar Panels price and compare them to find the best option for you. At Pas Solar you can get JA Solar Panels for sale, so select a product and let us do the rest.

Contrary to some solar panel manufacturers, JA Solar doesn’t trick you by not including the frame in the efficiency analysis.

Efficiency is one of the advantages of JA’s solar solutions. A solar panel’s efficiency calculates the percentage of sunlight it can transform into electricity. As of 2022, the most efficient solar panels on the market have efficiency rates between 15% and 20%. The more efficient your panels, the more energy they can generate with the given space assigned to panels.

With efficiency levels over 20%, JA’s solar modules are very efficient, making them perfect candidates for residential solar projects with little roof space.

How will the solar panel actually perform?

There have been no overall performance problems to report here. JA Solar actually builds a reasonably efficient solar panel.

JA Solar offers a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year efficiency warranty on their modules, which is fairly typical for the industry, especially at the price they are offered. Moreover, you can get JA Solar Panels for sale.

It is worth mentioning here that JA Solar is designed to be an affordable solar panel, and is not targeted at the high-performance market.

JA Solar’s Bankability

As we saw back in 2008, independent reports of companies’ economic state are a necessary part of preventing economic disasters.

In order to improve our ability to avoid economic catastrophes, each year Bloomberg New Energy Finance conducts a survey to evaluate the economic health of solar manufacturers. This is done by essentially deciding how likely lenders would be to accept a solar farm using a particular manufacturer’s modules as collateral for a loan.

In 2014 JA Solar came 3rd out of 11 manufacturers on this factor of bankability. And in 2016 they were 6th out of 15 companies putting them into the top 40% of all companies surveyed, which was better than the company directly behind them that was only in the top 47%.

How Much Do JA Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panel installation prices are notoriously hard to calculate since they can vary significantly based on your location, the company you choose to hire, and even the complexity of your project.

However, JA Solar Panels (and any panels of Chinese origin) are known to be very affordable given their high-efficiency levels — above 20%. We assume the average solar installation cost of JA Solar Panels to range between $18,000 and $22,000. You can always lower the overall cost by finding a JA Panels sale and buying your panels at a lower price. You can learn JA Panels price in Dubai on our website and compare them to the prices of other brands.

JA Solar Panels are certainly on the more affordable end of the market. They are usually paired with inverters like Solis, Goodwe, or Growatt, which are all affordable Chinese brands. It is rather rare you will see a JA Solar panel used with a top-tier inverter like Fronius, Sungrow, SMA, or FIMER. Be a bit careful here, as the cheaper packages often mean cheaper installation costs, so do your research before you purchase JA Panels with these cheaper brands connected together.

In Dubai, you can get a 6.6kW system with 275W Poly Panels for $4,500 installed. Other areas will be from $3,600 for the same system.  A 6.6kW system with 315W half-cell panels will cost you around $5,000 in Dubai and $4,300 in other places, but you can buy the same panels for less if you buy them at a JA Panels sale. JA Solar panel price is reasonable but also delivers great performance.

Through Pas Solar, you can easily get a JA Solar Panels in Dubai. If you have a lot of space on your roof and want to save some money you could think about a “Poly” panel. “Poly” panels were very prevalent a few years ago but are being replaced by “Mono” panels. This means you can usually get a “Poly” panel cheaper.

If you are looking for the cheapest panel consider a JA Solar Poly Panel. Pas Solar can sell JA Panels to any potential buyer, so if you have any questions contact our sales team.  JA Panels price in Dubai is the same as everywhere else but, if you shop at Pas Solar you will also receive their specialized customer service.

Do you have shading on your roof?

One of the most frustrating things for any household with a solar system is shade. Watching your solar energy investment be wasted while hidden from the sun is a loss. Nevertheless, if your roof has too much shading, there is an alternative for you. Those with shading problems will want to think about a Mono Perc Half Cell System. A Half Cell panel lowers the impact of shading. If the bottom half is in shade the top half continues to work. If you have problems with shading on your rooftop look for a JA Solar Mono Half Cell Panel.

JA Solar And The Hemlock Saga

Hemlock, a weirdly named US silicon manufacturer, was trying to sue JA Solar for close to one billion US dollars, but the two companies reached a settlement back in 2016. As part of the settlement, JA Solar got into a new Long-Term Supply contract whereby it was to buy solar-grade polycrystalline silicon products from Hemlock on a quarterly foundation until October 31, 2026.

The original argument occurred after JA Solar had agreed to buy $103.5 million US worth of silicon from Hemlock and chose not to do that after silicon prices dropped and they could get it for a lower price elsewhere.  Rather than sue them for $103.5 million for violating their promise, Hemlock chose to sue for almost one billion US dollars instead.

What if you want to add a battery to your solar system?

Battery storage choices are a smart investment for a solar system owner. Storing the surplus energy during the day lets users tap into their energy resources when the sun has stopped shining – lowering utility expenses and the environmental effect. If you want to add a battery to your grid then a “Mono” or “Mono Half Cell” JA Solar module is a good option. Thanks to each module’s high conversion rates these panels are a great option if you are thinking about adding energy storage. If you want to add a battery look for a JA Solar Mono Half Cell.

What is the JA Solar Panel Warranty?

JA Solar’s unique extended warranty is one of its best features. JA Solar has a 12-year product and 25-year performance warranty for all of their solar modules. The performance of the Poly panels is guaranteed for 80.7% of their initial power output. For Mono Perc, it is 83.1%. This is a very powerful performance warranty in the market and a valid reason to choose JA Solar Panels. The extended warranty indicates your initial investment will be returned. This means that you can concentrate on the payback period, so you can begin appreciating the economic benefits of renewable, efficient, clean energy.

The Verdict

JA Solar Panels even feature impressive power output and efficiency rates. This means that buyers will be able to start enjoying a return on their investment in a much shorter period than the less efficient counterparts, if they purchase JA Panels.

While the Mono PERC and Half Cell Panel models are great choices for Consumers in Dubai, the Poly Panel does not compete as well in the tough climate in Dubai.

Despite being one of the world’s top manufacturers, JA Solar is not very well known in the residential solar field as the company has not been in the spotlight much in comparison to some of the other top Chinese brands. But JA Solar Panels comparison with other brands, JA panels come out better. This is perhaps because JA panels are typically affordable, simple, and reliable and have not had numerous reported issues over the years, which is ideal.

The currently available range of panels are sold with a power rating up to 605W and are made using higher efficiency 182mm Gallium-doped P-type PERC cells which provide less degradation over the expected 25-year lifespan. The compact JA solar modules are made using the same cells but in a smaller size making them an excellent affordable choice for residential projects with up to 420W output and 21.3% efficiency. If you are thinking about installing JA Solar Panels in Dubai for your home, contact experts at Pas Solar.

The current generation of JA Solar Panels are supported by an extended 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty, nevertheless, a more extended 15-year product and 25 to 30-year performance warranty will be presented on the newer panels that will be released later in 2022, and early 2023. However, it would be awesome to have a local JA Solar customer support office in more countries like Dubai.

JA Solar Panels are a high-quality solar option at an affordable price. Adding to this factor is their amazing 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty. This comprehensive warranty protects your investment and allows buyers to rest assured that their panels will do what they are supposed to and lets everyone’s mind at ease as they buy JA Panels. This JA Solar Panels review ends with the conclusion that the JA Solar Panels are for those looking for a strong Solar Panel with high efficiency, and durability, and the JA Solar Panels price is definitely reasonable. So it’s up to you to decide if you want to buy JA Panels.

Frequently Asked Questions about JA Solar Panels

Is JA SOLAR PANELS a reliable company?

Founded in 2005, JA Solar is one of the world's top 5 solar panel factories in volume with more than 12GW of panels sold in 2021. The largest part of manufacturing is done in China, with more facilities in Vietnam and Malaysia. JA Solar is a huge vertically integrated business producing cells, wafers, and panels that are available in 135 countries and territories. The company delivers a range of panels for commercial, residential, and utility-scale systems. In terms of performance and efficiency, JA Solar has not generally been at the front line of innovation and has commonly stuck with the tried and proven cell technologies that deliver good performance and reliability.

Do the JA SOLAR PANELS have a warranty?

JA Solar modules come with an above-the-average standard warranty of a 12-year product and a 25-year performance guarantee. The product warranty is 2 years longer than other mid-range modules but less than Panasonic and LG, which are sold with 25-year product and performance warranties.

Are JA Solar Panels worth buying?

JA Solar Panels comparison with other brands as an affordable mid-range product from a company with substantial monetary backing and reputation puts them at the top. One possible problem with JA Solar is that they do not have an office in every country.