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Overview of Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar is a manufacturer of tier 1 panels. Despite their name, any panels you buy in Australia will not be produced in Canada. Canadian Solar panels we buy are most likely to be made in China – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

These days the company’s panels typically carry a 12-year product warranty (some Hiku Canadian solar panels have a 25-year product warranty), which is sounder than the standard for the industry of 10 years. At Pas Solar you can get the latest Canadian solar Hiku panels price. Canadian Solar has an Australian office and unlike most panel factories it is in Melbourne rather than Sydney.

What is Canadian Solar؟

Canadian Solar builds a wide range of panels. Unlike some manufacturers, Canadian Solar does not overstate its panel’s efficiency by excluding the frame from the calculation. The manufacturer’s modules are corrosion-resistant and convenient for installation anywhere in Australia.

Canadian Solar builds poly and monocrystalline modules, most of which use the PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact) method. Like many prominent factories, it has also moved into half-cut and shingle cell configurations.

Company History Canadian Solar panels

In 1987 the founder of Canadian Solar panels, Shawn Qu, was earning around $5 a week in today’s worth in China. That year he moved to Canada and started studying to get his master’s degree in physics. In 2001 he established Canadian Solar. In 2020 Canadian Solar was the fifth biggest manufacturer of solar panels in terms of global exports.

By mid-2021, the company has exported more than 55 gigawatts of modules.

Shawn Qu now spends most of his time in China and that is understandable, as in winter it is so cold in Canada that it is likely to freeze to death in less time than it takes for a bear to find you and eat you.

2016 Jiangsu Tornado

The firm underwent a significant setback in June 2016 when a cell manufacturing plant they owned in Funding was hit by the most destructive tornado in China in 50 years, hurting employees and collapsing nearly 4 acres of factory facilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of Canadian Solar panels

Canadian Solar panels present an array of options for solar systems. Among which exists, average-performing to quite well-performing solar panels. Nevertheless, it truly depends on the user and what they are looking for in a solar panel; that is what determines if a solar panel is worth it or not.

There is good and bad about everything; Canadian Solar is not an anomaly. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the brand;


  • Canadian Solar Panels have an incredibly good ratio of price and performance
  • Canadian Solar Panels offer an abundant period of warranty on every solar panel
  • Canadian Solar panels are not as costly as other manufacturers in the market
  • They offer a standard efficiency rating of 15.88% to 19.91%
  • Customer support all around the world, including in Australia
  • Most household models offer dual cell PERC technology
  • Split-cell technology is too a part of the module for most models
  • Performance is as good as tier-1 panels but costs as much as tier-2 panels


Efficiency drops by almost 0.55% every year

Higher temperature co-efficient. This means that if the temperature climbs above 25 degrees Celsius – 77-degree Fahrenheit, the efficiency of the panels will drop by their temperature coefficient. Most models of Canadian solar have a high-temperature coefficient.

Available models of Canadian Solar panels in Dubai

There are quite a few models that are obtainable in the Australian solar market. Among these, I am going to mention some series below, which became popular. Furthermore, a lot of these models, which are conveniently documented on the Australian website of Canadian Solar, are endorsed by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). It is awesome news for future Small-scale Renewable Energy schemes (SRES) users because unless the CEC authorizes their solar modules, they will not be qualified for the scheme. To learn the Canadian solar panels in Dubai price contact the sales team at Pas Solar. You can also learn the Hiku7 mono perc price.

Are Canadian Solar panels any good?

Canadian Solar, may not have the most efficient solar panels in the world yet; but they stay on top of many household lists due to their competitive price point. A vital part of the decision-making procedure while buying a solar system is the price for many customers, and Canadian solar panels price makes it one of the most affordable options.

Nevertheless, just because they kept their price range affordable for everyone doesn’t mean they don’t deliver quality products. It’s the sweet balance of pricing and quality that has made Canadian Solar, the billion-dollar business they are today. You can browse and learn the Canadian Panels price in Dubai. So, simply said, they are not just good but an ideal choice if you are in the market for great solar panels in an economical price range.

Higher efficiency panels

The best panels in terms of efficiency built by Canadian Solar are just over 20% efficient. They are better than average efficiency and can be helpful when available roof space is limited.

Manufacturing locations and capacity

Canadian Solar has 17 manufacturing plants scattered across Asia and the Americas. Its recent (2021) module production ability is approximately 23.9 GW, while cell manufacturing ability is around 13.9 GW.

Most of the Canadian Solar panels’ production procedure is accomplished in China because there, the company can benefit from high production value at the lowest cost achievable. Low production cost is the reason you may find things like Canadian solar panels for sale.

Not only in China and Canada, but most of the manufacturing is also done in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. However, they have 17 different manufacturing plants spread through America and Asia. Most of their manufacturing procedures are done in Ontario, China, and Canada.

The technology used by Canadian Solar

Most of the solar cells built by them are PID-free and are integrated with PERC cell technology, just like other well-known labels. Meanwhile, the renewable power industry discovered a much more efficient solar panel model that uses split cell technology. When other manufacturers began to catch on to the new split cell technology, Canadian Solar panels followed their trail and got into split cell modules as well.

This new module allowed them to produce a more productive, cost-efficient, and functional solar cell that possibly outdid their previously built standard models. All of these benefits without dramatically increasing the price, so you can guess how amazing this new technology is. Not only do they not increase the price, they even sell Canadian Panels for sale. They also make a double glass model known to increase the efficiency of solar panels greatly.

Canadian Solar builds solar farms

While Canadian Solar doesn’t make as many of their cells as other large panel manufacturers, they tend to be more heavily involved in the building of solar farms than most – including large-scale PV power stations here in Australia.

Canadian Solar warranties

Canadian Solar panels now offer a 12-year warranty, although some Hiku Canadian solar panels carry a 25-year warranty. This protects the modules if they fail during that period due to a fault in making. To get the best Canadian solar Hiku panels price, browse our shop. We can offer you Canadian Panels for sale. To learn more about warranties and get news on the next Canadian Panels sale contact Pas Solar.

How much do Canadian Solar panels cost?

For many homeowners, the final judgment around the solar equipment you select rests on Canadian solar panels price. The total price you pay for a solar energy system with Canadian Solar panels will vary based on the other equipment (such as mounts and solar inverters) used in the installation, as well as the attributes of your roof. If you’re looking for even a lower price you can contact Pas Solar and buy Canadian solar panels for sale.

To determine the range of prices for Canadian Solar PV systems, we explored quotes including Canadian Solar panels that homeowners got from installers on Pas Solar. Most Canadian Solar PV systems are typically priced between $2.70 and $3.20 per watt, which makes them a good bargain in the market for residential solar.

This means that, for a 6 kW system, your total cost (before you subtract any tax credits or other incentives) would be somewhere from $16,200 to $19,200. Additionally, most homeowners end up spending much less than the total cost. With the 26 % federal tax credit for solar, which everyone is qualified for, a 6 kW system with Canadian Solar panels would cost anywhere between $11,988 and $14,208. There are a bunch of state-level solar motivations and refunds that can help you lower upfront costs even further.

Canadian Solar panels may not offer perfect performance or efficiency in the solar industry, but thanks to their low price and stable performance, they’re a popular choice for buyers comparing solar quotes on Pas Solar.

How to get the best price on Canadian Solar modules

The best way to decide whether Canadian Solar offers the best solar panels for your home is to check multiple quotes with different solar equipment choices before making a decision. When you compare all of your choices on Pas Solar, you’ll find the right blend of price and quality that satisfies your needs when you buy Canadian Panels.

You can get a fast ROI with Canadian Solar panels

One massive benefit of Canadian solar panels is their fast payback time. Based on the Canadian Panels price in Dubai, they offer a very fast ROI and of course, now having a warranty for 25 years, you can see a very long return as well if you buy Canadian solar panels in Dubai.

I’d claim that this makes the best solar panel one can buy. It pays itself off very fast and is guaranteed to deliver you returns for 25+ years. As I said above, this is the same warranty as the solar panels which need the highest investment.

Canadian panels are still very affordable and consequently, you could claim what is the difference between these and LG panels which are almost twice the cost.

I’d probably say that LG has lost its unique selling point here because why pay double the price for a solar panel with a similar warranty?

Particularly when you can get a much better return from Canadian solar panels based on the Canadian solar panels price in comparison to LG panels like Neon H or Neon 2. This is precisely why homeowners are moving toward these solar panels.

It honestly doesn’t seem reasonable to buy LG when you can save more money with Canadian and still get backed by a 25-year warranty. I’d strongly recommend using the money that you save going with Canadian versus LG and using that money to invest in a bigger system.

With a bigger system, you will see tremendous returns, and future-proof your home. Although you might not be using that much energy right now, there is a big chance you will in the future. We are using 10 times the amount of energy in comparison to 10 years ago because of all the new equipment and other electronic tools we have access to.

STVC solar scorecard

Every year the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) creates a report ranking solar panel manufacturers on social and environmental accountability. A low score on this report wouldn’t mean a company is irresponsible, it can just mean that information was not available. So a high score is a good signal while a low score is not a good signal, but not necessarily a bad sign.

I don’t know why, but Canadian Solar panels was not mentioned in reports covering recent years. Their score in 2014 was not good and they only came 27th out of 37 businesses questioned, getting a score of 14 out of a potential 100. But this was more promising than the score of 7 out of 100 they got in 2013.

Warranty procedure for orphaned Canadian Solar customers

If you have bought Canadian Solar panels from a solar installer who has since stopped operating, the responsibility for warranty claims is moved to Canadian Solar. Their customer service system in Dubai is operating – affected clients can contact them for help and guidance on how to arrange for panel replacement using the warranty. Note that Canadian Solar’s warranty does not include labor charges involved in warranty replacement of panels.

Does Canadian Solar have any offices in Dubai?

Yes, fortunately, they have an office in Dubai. This way, if you decide to install solar panels from them, and for any reason, if you run into any issues, you know you can reach out to them fast. If you live in Dubai, contact the sales officials at Pas Solar and ask them about the Canadian solar panels in Dubai price. You can specifically ask about the Hiku7 mono perc price.


Canadian Solar is committed to its customers. They have numerous customer support service centers around the world, including North America, Australia, China, and so on. They deliver a minimum of 12 years of product warranty to those who buy Canadian Panels, just like any other standard solar panel manufacturer. Also, they deliver 25 years of performance warranty for their solar modules. All their bifacial panels deliver 30 years of warranty. Moreover, they hold a Canadian Panels sale from time to time.

Lately, they have enhanced the performance warranty periods for the monocrystalline panels, which feature mono PERC half-cut cell technology. It says that the performance of such panels will not decline more than 2% in the first year and a yearly performance drop of 0.55% is estimated for the remaining 24-year period of the warranty.

However, warranty terms are very model-specific. So, our advice would be to know the warranty terms for a specific model of choice. If you need any help in that matter, read canadian solar panels data sheet or contact Pas Solar.

Many of our skilled solar installers present Canadian Solar in their quotes to users. When registering, simply note in your profile that you are interested in obtaining quotes that have Canadian Solar panels for your home.

We recommend Canadian Solar panels

Canadian Solar builds tier 1 panels, which means banks and other organizations consider both the panels and the company trustworthy enough to be a valuable investment. And so, I have no problem suggesting Canadian Solar panels. They are a typically reliable panel that delivers good value for money. Just do not think they come from Canada.


In conclusion, solar energy is a nonstop source of renewable energy which mankind is trying to have on its whole for quite a long time. Currently, we have great technologies that let us use renewable energy sources and integrate them into your daily lives by offering you Canadian solar panels in Dubai. By contacting Pas Olar you can learna about our latest products and also buy solar material in dubai.

Canadian Solar is just another term in that journey, a very well-known one. With their unique technology and thrive for new inventions, they have made many highly efficient solar modules that people all over the world have received and highly appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Solar Panels

Is Canadian Solar a Chinese company?

Answer: Canadian Solars’ headquarter is in Ontario, Canada, but a big number of their products are built in China. Also, the company said it is fully dedicated to its shareholders and NASDAQ listing.

What’s the average lifetime of solar panels?

Answer: Generally, a solar panel can last about 25 to 30 years. Nevertheless, the closer you get to that mark, the faster the performance drop is.

Which is better, a poly or a mono solar panel?

Answer: Monocrystalline panels are made of a single bar of silicone whereas; polycrystalline panels are made of silicon that arrived from multiple sources. This difference makes the monocrystalline solar panels more efficient and better than polycrystalline ones. But if you want to save some money, I would recommend you go for polycrystalline.