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Longi solar modules have the highest market value, and it is no exaggeration to say that the advancement of products and the improvement of monocrystalline technology have accelerated the solar industry. It is undoubtedly a leader in the photovoltaic field. By offering innovative solutions at competitive prices, we are sure to satisfy those looking for Canadian Solar Panels.

More than just a module manufacturer in the industry, Longi has uniquely positioned itself by providing monocrystalline cells that offer the best solution for high purity and affordable monocrystalline cells. Read till the end to understand more about this product, and how you can buy longi solar panels price Dubai. Many of our customers keep asking us “are longi solar panels tier 1?” If you have the same question, maybe reading these specifications can help you.

Know More About the Longi Solar

Longi Solar is best known as a global mono-silicon solar panel manufacturer. They are the preferred partner for highly efficient and affordable solar panels and the best. The choice for those seeking value-based solar systems and Longi solar panels in South Africa.

Xi`an Longi Silicon Materials founded Longi Solar in 2000. Headquartered in China, the brand’s central focus is exclusively on manufacturing mono-silicon solar modules. Longi is known worldwide as the fastest-growing solar manufacturer.

And we are very proud that our partnership continues to contribute to almost a quarter of the global market demand for solar panels. Longi Group is one of the prominent monocrystalline silicon wafer suppliers with an asset value of over US$1.7 billion by 2016.

Accelerated by the power of advanced technology, and vast industry knowledge, Longi Solar was able to offer a better LCOE. Mainly a solution for commercial and residential systems.

If you are wondering if Longi solar panels from South Africa are right for you, we hope reading our Longi solar panels review can help. With offices in Japan, Europe, India, North America, and Malaysia, the brand focuses on R&D, production, sales, and marketing of longi mono panels. At Pas Solar we can sell Longi solar panels at the best price available along with an extended warranty.

Longi solar panels UAE price

Several variables, including the particular model, the amount requested, and the seller or installation, might affect the cost of Longi solar panels in the United Arab Emirates.

It’s important to keep in mind that pricing can have changed since then because the solar business is always changing. I would suggest getting in touch with accredited Longi solar panel wholesalers or installers in the UAE to receive a more current and precise price quotation.


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 Why Choose Longi Solar Panels a Great Idea?

Longi Solar products are considered to be the perfect solution for those who are mainly looking for affordable longi solar panels in South Africa. It should be added that longi has received a high AAA rating from PV Module Tech. It simply means that it makes the brand’s products an excellent recommendation for providing financially strong solutions.

Also longi is proud to be a pioneer in setting new world records, especially in solar panel efficiency. We talk about the longi solar panels so much, but are solar panels efficient? Did you know that to determine the efficiency of solar modules, the modules are tested under standard test conditions? The STC specifies a temperature of 25°C and an irradiance of 1,000 W/m2.

This corresponds exactly to a sunny day when the incident light is tilted at 37° and hits the surface facing the sun. Under these test conditions, a solar panel efficiency of 15% produces 150 watts in an area of ​​1 m2.

Apart from standard test conditions, solar modules are extensively tested for their performance under extreme conditions. Note that the efficiency of individual solar cells does not correspond to the efficiency of the solar panel as a system. Solar panels are typically 15-20% efficient, but in some cases, best Longi solar panels can reach 42% efficiency.

However, until, and unless otherwise stated, solar cell performance is measured under laboratory conditions. So 42% is an impressive feat, but laboratory conditions differ from real-world environments and this is not the case for home users.


Know About the Efficiency of Solar Modules Under Extreme Conditions

After all, no customer wants a solar module that is not technically perfect. Solar energy has great benefits, but it is important to have the right type of solar panels installed in your home. To ensure the quality of our solar modules, they are extensively tested under extreme conditions.

1. Snow

Thick snow layers can be too heavy for solar panels. If the solar panel is covered with more than 5 cm of snow, the solar cell will stop working and the efficiency of the solar panel will be reduced by 100%.

But due to the tilt of the solar panels, the snow just slides off, otherwise, it can be removed manually. Even in normal snowy weather, solar panels can still work and generate electricity. Also, snow on the ground can reflect the sun’s rays onto the panels.

2. Wind

The wind is one of the most probable causes of solar panel damage. Solar panel manufacturers perform extensive wind tunnel testing to mitigate potential damage. According to Research Gate, it has been observed that the efficiency of solar panels decreases slightly as wind speed increases.

However, the wind also has some positive effects. The action of the wind cools the panel, and once the panel cools down, the efficiency increases by 0.05%.

3. Hail

The hail test involves artificial hail with velocities of 20-30 m/s. Solar cells are not damaged at these speeds.

Based on an NREL report analyzing 50,000 solar energy systems installed between the years 2009, and 2013, only 0.1% of all systems were underperforming or damaged by hail. is shown. Solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

4. Ice

Ice forms on the surface of the solar cell if no silicon coating is applied. Ice build-up can reduce the efficiency of solar panels by 25-100%.

5. Chemical Residue

At least 20 mm of precipitation must adhere to the surface of the solar cell for the chemical residues to dissolve. Studies have shown that the efficiency of solar panels drops by 0.2% when covered with a layer of chemical deposits.

6. UV Deterioration

Solar cell structures can delaminate due to UV-induced degradation. Another result can be the discoloration of individual solar cells. Early solar radiation can form a layer of boron oxide on the module surface, reducing efficiency by 1-3% in the first 1,000.

Four Important Attributes When Choosing Solar Panels

  • Solar panel cost per square meter.
  • The solar panel efficiency of the entire solar panel module.
  • The lifetime of an individual solar cell.
  • The beauty and style of solar panels.

Also, consider storing the electricity generated by your solar panels during the day. UK homes with solar panels can generate electricity during the day and by installing a solar battery storage system can use that power at night, thus reducing their dependence on the grid.

The Future of Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar market is highly competitive. Emerging market giants such as China and India are currently the biggest sources of pollution. However, this competition is expected to bring down the Longi solar panels price and enable more efficient storage solutions.

This transition will result in cheaper and more efficient solar panels that can be easily installed in homes. The affordability and efficiency of solar panels have improved dramatically over the last few decades.

The good news is that today UK government is encouraging homes to choose renewable energy to power their homes through various subsidies for solar panels. For this reason, we are constantly working to improve the efficiency of solar power generation.

What Factors Affect the Efficiency of Longi Solar Modules?

Longi solar panels are made like a layered cake. There’s the windshield pane, the layer of the encapsulant, and the solar cells. The back sheet, and the aluminium frame that holds it all together.

The materials used to create these layers primarily the solar cell and the backing play a large role in the efficiency with which the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity.

  • cell type
  • bus bar and wiring
  • support

Let’s take a closer look at each factor and how it affects solar panel efficiency.

Solar Cell Type

One of the most important factors in solar panel efficiency is the type of solar cell used. A solar cell is the part of a solar panel that captures sunlight and converts it into electricity. There are three main types of silicon solar cells: polycrystalline, thin film, and monocrystalline.

All you need to know about monocrystalline panels. Monocrystalline panels are used in almost all solar systems and all high-efficiency solar panels on the market today use some form of monocrystalline solar cell technology. Some of the most popular high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell types are listed below.

 PERC Solar CellsPERC cells are also considered to be passivated emitter, and back contact cells, typically providing an efficiency improvement of around 1% due to a reflective back layer that reflects light that may have passed through the cell.


HJT Solar Cells

Heterojunction cells using intrinsic thin films are conventional monocrystalline solar cells sandwiched between layers of different types of silicon that absorb different wavelengths of light and increase power generation.

Panasonic and REC Group are known for their use of HJT solar technology. Half-cut or split-cell: Split-cell technology is exactly what it sounds like. The solar cells are cut in half with a precision laser to reduce heat and resistance and increase overall efficiency.

Bus bar and Wiring

The way solar cells are wired can also affect their efficiency. If you look at the front of the solar panel, you will see a series of thin lines. These are a series of copper or aluminium wires that conduct electricity and carry it from the solar cell to the solar inverter.

Some solar manufacturers have started switching to multi-bus bar technology, which uses multiple ultra-thin bus bars instead of fewer and thicker bus bars. Thinner bus bars reduce solar cell shading and allow more sunlight to be absorbed increasing efficiency.

Sun power uses an interminable back contact or his IBC cell where all power rails and cables are on the back of the solar cell. This frees up the entire area of ​​the cell to absorb current without shadowing problems. However, IBC cells are complex and expensive to manufacture. support

If you have ever seen traditional solar panels, you have seen black solar cells which were surrounded by white spaces. This white space is on the back side of the panel. You may also have seen solar panels that are all black. These panels are available with a black back sheet.

Black linings on the other hand, are popular with homeowners because they give the panels a very sophisticated and uniform look by blending seamlessly with the colour of the solar cells. is slightly less efficient than the white panel.

This is because the solar panel heats up as a result. The hotter the solar panel, the less power it can generate. Today, our concern is whether we need highly efficient solar modules.

Let’s be honest, panel efficiency ratings aren’t the most important thing. What you want to pay attention to is the power rating of the panel. Rated power indicates how much power a solar module can produce.

It gives a better picture of what a solar panel can do while also considering the efficiency of the panel. For example, select from two panels. Panel A has an efficiency of 19%, Panel B has an efficiency of 17%, and both panels are rated at 350 watts.

It doesn’t matter that panel A has higher efficiency as compared to panel B. Both have the same maximum power output of 350 watts. In addition, when you are choosing the most efficient panel, you should also consider the cost of the panel and whether that cost is worth the panel’s value you are purchasing or not.

Typically, the only scenario where highly efficient solar panels are worthwhile is when roof space is limited and individual solar panels need to generate as much power as possible.


Finally, it should be added that you should consider which solar panels are cost-effective. You need reliable solar panels, high quality, and meet your energy needs without breaking the bank. Longi, LG Solar and Q. CELLS offer various solar panels.

Among them are high-efficiency panels that safely power your home without straining your arms and legs, making them one of the top 10 best-selling solar panels in the world by 2022. At Pas Solar, which is a solar equipment one stop shop, you can buy the latest releases of Longi company available on the market.

Check out our website to see how much you can save with solar panels. From there, you can reach out to a trusted local solar installer to help you select the best brand of solar panels for your roof so you can power your home with cheap, clean energy.

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