Elmex, EBPV4F-N, PV Solar Branch Connector



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Description Specification
Rated Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

25A (2.5 mm²), 30A (4.0 mm², 6.0 mm²)

RMS Test Voltage

8kV (1500V)

Impulse withstand Voltage

16 kV

Degree of Protection

IP 68

Contact Material

Copper with Tin Plating

Ambient Temperature

-40° C to +85° C

Max. Operating Temp.

+110° C

Pollution Degree


Contact Resistance

< 0.5mΩ

Insertion Force

≤ 50 N

Withdrawal Force

≥ 50 N

Locking System

Snap In

*Connectors when mated , need a tool to open in accordance with NEC 2014.


The Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector is used to connect solar panels with a solar panel cables for sale in dubai that carries DC power from the panels to the inverter. These connectors are the only options certified and authorized to do so. The process has to be so flawless that specialized MC4 crimping tools are needed to make this connection.

Disconnecting them at any time will not damage the connections or the cables they are attached to. If you are someone who appreciates living a sustainable life, then MC4 connectors are a must-have for you!

All modern solar panels use MC4 solar connectors. These connectors are IP67-rated. It means they are waterproof and dustproof. They work well with 4 mm and 6 mm solar cables.

If you’re wondering what the Elmex ebpv4f-n PV solar branch connector price is and how to use this solar connector, Pas Solar is the right place!

Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector

— They are made of fire-resistant polymer, which can withstand UV exposure.

— Elmex panel connectors are used with photovoltaic equipment such as DCDB (DC Distribution Block), solar inverter supplier in uae, etc. It is suitable for cable sizes of 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, and 6.0mm2.

What are the parts of an Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector?

Five components make up MC4 connectors: a threaded end cap, a rubber water seal, a seal retainer, a metal crimp contact, and the main housing. The last two components vary in male and female variants of the MC4 connector. If you need more specs before you buy Elmex ebpv4f-n PV solar branch connector, contact our sales team.

Main key advantages of the Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector

It is strongly recommended to carry out a thorough study and confirm with your solar installation company that the MC4 connectors used are original. The market is flooded with various imitation duplicates. Avoid them at all costs! If you are concerned about the type of connector you should use, make sure you get in touch with technicians at our solar equipment shop.

How do I install the Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector?

All you need is the cable, a male and female MC4 connector, wire strippers, cable glands, and about ten minutes of your time.

Step 1: Assembling the Elmex solar connector

You’ll notice that the wire is cut more than the metal crimp connection. The ideal length for stripping wires is around 10 mm and 15 mm.

Step 2: Crimp the Wire

Because it consistently provides a great link and secures all components, you can use a 2.5 – 4 – 6 mm Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector. The crimp tool is available online.

Step 3: Pass the crimp

The metal setting must cross before the screw. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove the plastic casing without destroying it, as it has an anti-return clip.

Step 4: Insert the cable

You will hear a CLICK when you insert the crimped wire into the connection. The anti-return clip secures the crimp in the plastic casing.

Step 5: Rubber Grommet

You will notice that the rubber-sealing grommet on the cable is parallel to the plastic fingertips.

 Step 6: The Female Connector

To improve surface contact within the crimp, make a slight bend in the wire. Strip back the insulation of the wire 15 mm to expose the wire for crimping (similar to the male in step 2).

Step 7: Connect the cable

Once again, place the cable first before the threaded nut (as in Step 3). As in step 5, check the rubber grommet. Once you hear a CLICK, insert the crimped wire into the female housing.

Step 8: Examine

Before connecting to your solar panel companies in uae, we suggest you check the integrity of your cable with the Elmex EBPV4F-N PV Solar Branch Connector.

Remember that you should never disconnect your solar panels from an inverter or battery or when the sun shines on them, as doing so could damage them. For more information and to learn the Elmex ebpv4f-n PV solar branch connector price in Dubai, contact Pas Solar.

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