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An overview of the Apar Solar Cables
Picking the right solar cable for the solar energy system installed in your residence or office area is necessary for safety and performance. The strong Apar Cable is designed to transfer solar energy from one component of the system to another for conversion into electrical energy. Your average copper wire will do the job correctly, and you will probably end up with a system failure.
According to the analysis of various cable accidents, we figure out that cable ground faults account for 90-95% of the entire cable fault. There are three primary causes of ground faults. First, the cable manufacturing defects are non-qualified products; second, the operating environment is harsh, and the cable is damaged by external forces; third, the installation is not standard and the wiring is rough. If you think Apar cables are for you see our Apar cables price list.
Before installing and running the system, you need to ensure that the size of the Apar Cable installed is proportional to the current and voltage of the system. These are some features, which should be considered before turning on the system;

Ensure that the measured voltage of the PV Apar Cable is equal to or greater than the rated voltage of the system.
Make sure that the current-carrying capacity of the solar cable is equal to or greater than the current carrying capacity of the system.
Ensure that the cables are thick and protected enough to withstand the environmental conditions in your area.
Monitor the voltage loss to ensure your safety.
The voltage the photovoltaic DC cable can withstand needs to be greater than the max voltage of the system.

In addition, in the selection and design of DC Apar Cable for photovoltaic power stations you should also consider the insulation performance of the cable; the moisture-proof, cold-proof, and resistance of the cable in different weather conditions; the heat-resistance and flame-retardancy of the cable; the installation process of the cable; the conducting material of the cable (aluminum alloy core, Copper core, aluminum core) and the cross-section specs of the cable. With all this data, you can now shop for Apar Cable, knowing that you’ll buy the right cable.
Most DC cables are placed outdoors and should be protected from moisture, sun, cold, and ultraviolet. That’s why the DC cables in a solar panel system generally choose photovoltaic-certified special cables, taking into account the output current of the DC connectors and photovoltaic modules. Currently, the commonly used photovoltaic DC cables are Apar cables.
You can check the solar panel cables for sale in dubai and ensure that the correct Apar Cable is selected for the system from the following aspects:

The thickness of the cable you pick for the system depends on the voltage of the system. The higher the system voltage is, the thinner the cable will be, because the DC will drop. Select one of the larger solar inverters types to increase the system voltage.

Voltage loss
The voltage loss in a solar energy system can be measured like this; voltage loss = passing current * cable length * voltage factor. We can understand from the formula that the voltage loss is related to the length of the Apar Cable.
In general, the cable voltage loss between the photovoltaic array and inverter shall not go above 5% of the output voltage of the array, and the AC voltage loss between the parallel point and inverter shall not surpass 2% of the output voltage of the inverter.

Current measurement
Before you buy Apar Cable, please check the current rating of the solar cable. For the connection of the inverter, the chosen PV dc cable rated current is 1.25 times the max current in the solar dc cable. While for the connection between the photovoltaic array and between the array, the selected PV dc cable rated current is 1.56 times the maximum current in the cable.
Every manufacturer, such as the Apar company, has published a table listing the current ratings of cables manufactured in accordance with their size and type. Be sure to choose the right cable size, because a wire that is too small can quickly overheat and also suffer a significant voltage drop, which will cause power loss.

Length of cables
The length of the cable is also an important factor to consider when choosing to buy Apar Cable for a solar system. Often, the longer the wire, the better the electricity transmission. But it is better to use the industry rules to figure out the required wire length based on the current capacity of the system.

Appearance of Apar Cable
The insulating layer of cables is soft and flexible, and the outer layer is tight, smooth, without roughness, and has pure gloss. The surface of the insulating layer must be clear and scratch-resistant to Mark, in products made of informal insulating materials, the insulating layer feels transparent, brittle, and non-tough.

Cable Label
Regular cables are typically labeled as photovoltaic cables, whereas the Apar Cable has the company name on it. Browse Pas Solar website to see the Apar cables price and compare that to other brands.

Wire core
This is the wire that’s produced from pure copper raw materials and subjected to strict wire drawing, and annealing (softening). The surface should be bright, smooth, free of burrs, and the tightness is flat, soft, and tough, and does not easily break. The normal cable core is purple-red copper wire. The core of the Apar Cable is silver, and the cross-section of the core is also made of copper. Find more info in the apar cable data sheet.

The standard product certificate of Apar cables indicates the name of the manufacturer, address, after-sales service telephone, model, specification structure, nominal section, rated voltage (single-core wire 450 -750V, dual-core protective sheath cable 300-500V), inspection number, production date, and the product national standard number or certification serial number.

Apar Cable report
As a product that affects people and property, Apar Cable has always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection. Regular manufacturers are subject to inspection by the supervision department periodically.
Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report to the quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of the wire and cable products lacks basis. You can browse Pas Solar website and check the Apar cable catalogue and make the right decision when you want to buy Apar Cables in Dubai.