Best solar inverter 2022

best solar inverter 2022
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A solar inverter is a crucial piece of equipment that performs various functions in a home photovoltaic system. Most home appliances cannot run on direct current and rely on an inverter to convert it to alternating current. An inverter also monitors the output and adjusts current and voltage to maximize output. So, it’s important to choose the best solar inverter for your PV system. Here is a list of the best solar inverter 2022.

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10 of the best solar inverter 2022

1. Sungrow solar inverter


Founded in 1997 by a university professor, Sungrow is one of the world’s largest solar inverter suppliers and a leading Chinese inverter manufacturer and one of the top 10 solar inverters 2022. The SG range of residential inverters has become very popular with installers due to their competitive price and long track record of reliability. Sungrow is a significant player internationally and is among the best solar inverter brands and has a good reputation for service and quality. Excellent support from the Sydney-based office in Australia has further helped to enhance its reputation.

In addition to the renowned range of solar inverters, Sungrow also manufactures some of the best-value hybrid solar inverters on the market. The SHK5-30 is a very affordable Off Grid Solar Inverter supplier in UAE for home energy storage systems along with the new SH-RS range of hybrid inverters shown alongside, which is designed to be combined with the high-end battery storage system.

The SG-series premium solar inverters and SH5K-30 hybrid inverters have received great reviews, are excellent value for money, and are backed by an extended 10-year warranty which makes them one of the best solar inverter 2022.

2. Sofar solar inverters


Sofar Solar’s residential range of solar inverters extends from a 1.1 kW single-phase inverter with one MPPT to a 12 kW three-phase inverter with two MPPTs. MPPTs allow a single inverter to drive solar panels with multiple orientations, so if your roof has more than 2 angles where you want to install panels, you will need to add inverters or panel power optimizers in the third orientation. This is often the case with smaller residential sofar solar inverter.

Their commonly used 5kW single-phase inverter has a maximum efficiency rating of 98% for its latest edition (model number 5KTLM-G2) which would make it one of the best solar inverter 2022. The three-phase version is also measured at 98%.

3. Fronius


Fronius inverters have held the top spot for much of the last eight years since the innovative snap-in design was launched in 2012. These Austrian-made inverters have become the inverter of choice for many homes and commercial solar installations due to their proven performance, reliability, and excellent Fronius support team service.

However, the high demand for the popular Fronius Primo single-phase inverters used for residential installations has caused some supply problems and there have been some minor failures. Still, the overall feedback is very positive, and any issues have been quickly rectified. An additional five-year free extended warranty is available when the inverter registers online, giving a full 10-year warranty.

4. Solar Edge


SolarEdge’s inverters have become increasingly popular as one of the best solar inverter 2022 around the world in recent years due to the unique design that uses DC optimizers that enable power optimization and control at the individual level of solar panel in dubai.

SolarEdge HD compact wave inverters (SE-H series) are available in a wide range of sizes, from 2.5 kW to 10 kW. All Solaredge inverters must be installed with an additional DC optimizer installed on each panel. Optimizers perform some of the work of a typical string inverter but have several benefits, including panel-level monitoring and power optimization.

5. Goodwe solar inverter


GoodWe Technologies Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of inverter and energy storage solutions. The company is listed as a joint-stock company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

GoodWe specializes in the production of solar string inverters, with power capacities ranging from 0.7kW to 250kW. In addition to single-phase and three-phase inverters, the company also manufactures hybrid inverters and battery accumulators.

More than 35 GW of GoodWe solar inverter capacity has been installed in countries around the world, including Dubai, and this brand surely deserves a spot on the list of the best solar inverter 2022.

Australian customers will be pleased to know that there is a local GoodWe office in Rowville (Melbourne, Victoria) so if you have any specific questions or problems you can consult the local team directly. In addition, the company has a fairly strong international profile, thanks to other offices located in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

6. Huawei


Chinese communications giant Huawei stormed the residential solar market in 2018 with a compact and lightweight solar inverter packed with features. Due to the huge volume of commercial and utility inverters sold around the world, Huawei produces one of the solar inverter suppliers in Dubai and has poured billions into research and development during the past ten years.

Huawei’s first home inverter was the SUN2000L, released in a range of sizes from 2kW to 5kW, while the new version was released in 2020. Like its predecessor, the new SUN2000L1 inverter also functioned as a hybrid inverter. But it works with the most powerful SUN2000-450W-P optimizers and the new Huawei LUNA2000 battery system.

The inverter is somewhat similar to the SolarEdge HD wave inverter in that it uses optimizers for individual panel optimization, much like micro-inverters. However, unlike Wave HD, Huawei’s inverters can work with or without optimizers. As a hybrid inverter, Huawei’s inverter uses a built-in DC coupling battery interface that works along with the LG RESU-H battery and the new LUNA2000 battery.

7. SMA solar inverter


German manufacturer SMA Solar Technologies was widely regarded as the best string inverter manufacturer before the Fronius snap-in series took the top spot in 2016. However, the new Sunny boy AV series regained a significant market share after SMA will move all manufacturing to Germany.

In 2019. SMA inverters have a proven track record of reliability and are generally considered to be one of the highest-quality inverters available. Local service and support are excellent and SMA offers an optional extended warranty from 10 to 20 years, and their inverters are available in Dubai, which puts them on the list of best solar inverter in Dubai 2022.

All SMA three-phase inverters are made in Germany, and the new Sunny Tripower series is considered one of the best commercial inverters on the market. SMA has also cemented its place as one of the industry leaders in the large-scale solar inverter market with the impressive Tripower Core 1, Sunny Highpower, and Sunny island central inverters.

Now that you have looked at the list of the best solar inverter 2022, you have all the tools to pick the most reliable solar inverter for your home solar power system. Although, you can visit Longi solar panels dubai price in our website.

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